Season 22 | Shades of the Nephalem | Has Ended

I still experienced 10s freezing when I am running GR99.

Last night’s patch was to address the crash to desktop issues introduced by 2.6.10 patch. They haven’t even replied to the thread about 5-10 second freezes since July.


Oh Ok…I thought they fixed the freezing issue. Thanks for the notice.

Ever since the season started i only got the crash to desktop two times, I have 150 hours on my play time, so i didnt really find that issue too annoying. Apparently it was happening mutliple times a day for every day for some players, idk. If i crash again ill let the D3 team know by posting in bug report forum i guess.

You guys broke something.

Since the patch it’s no longer possible to create new heroes as all possible names are rejected with an error code (316002) and it’s not possible to name in-game Armoury saves.

For example…


Definitely still freezes/crashes. Lost my seasonal HC character (on EU) when the game first froze for a good 10 seconds, resumed for like a second, and then the client just disappeared without any popups or anything. Dead character on restart.

Also the code 316002 thing preventing making new characters.

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We are not able to create a new hero on Europe realm HC or SC Season.

316002 Error is the only thing we get now on Europe.

Please fix this ASAP.

Hi peeps! Update - we have a global hotfix incoming to address a lot of the issues related to armory, chat, clans, communities, armory, and create a character. Thanks to all those that contributed to pointing out the issues and thanks to Meteorblade for your recent share w links).

Hotfix is coming out today so stay tuned! Thanks again.


Thank you for the communication FilthieRich! It’s much appreciated.

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Does that included the random freezing fix?

This hotfix also fixed the double-tap issue on the Launcher when starting a game after changing Regions.


But will it fix the Area Damage Lag tho? Why have a feature in game where players are pretty much forced to not have on their gear and paragons in order to have a smoother gameplay in groups? Seems sorta dumb.

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Have you tested it since the hotfix?

Ok…The random freezing is still there. Just letting you guys know if some of you are curious about it.


The only way to “fix” the Area Damage Lag is by redesigning how Area Damage works.

The reason Area Damage creates so much lag in group play (that is when a lot of enemies are pilled up together) is because it creates a lot of additional calculations that have to be made by either the server or the client (or both), since ALL enemies within a 10 yard radius around the original target get affected by it.

This is especially bad when you combine Area Damage with Damage-over-Time Effects (like the bleed from Rend, or the DoT from Haunt or Locust Swarm) or with Lingering Ground Effects (like the Firewall created by the Mammoth Hydra, or the ground fire effect from Meteor, etc), even more so when they stack…

… (which by the way is the reason for why I think the devs designed the Typhon’s Veil set in a way that it doesn’t buff Mammoth Hydra so much, since its stacked up Firewall would proc Area Damage like crazy).

So the only real solution to “fix” this lag is by preventing it in the first place and the only solution that comes to my mind to do this is to…

  1. let skills that create Damage-over-Time or Lingering Ground Effects (like Rend, the tornados created by Whirlwinds Dust Devil rune, Mammoth Hydra, Blazing Hydra, Locust Swam, Blizzard, the ground fire effect from Meteor, Wall of Death, etc) no longer be able to proc Area Damage.

To compensate for the loss in Area Damage, (at least some of) these skills can have their base damage increased (maybe even by an amount based on Area Damage without actually procing Area Damage) and some of these skills could get a new bonus effect, like “Enemies under the Effect of Rend take 15% increased damage from your attacks”, or “Enemies that are inside a Blizzard take 15% increased damage from your attacks”.

This number can of course be adjusted.

  1. … let Area Damage only hit up to 5 enemies within 10 yards instead of all enemies within 10 yards. To compensate for that, the damage of Area Damage should get increased.

There already are mechanics like this on legendaries like Bracers of Destruction or Drakon’s Lesson, which e.g. increase the damage of Seismic Slam by xxx%, but only against the first 10 enemies hit, so theoretically the particular line of code that determines how many enemies can have this increased damage applied on them, could be copied and pasted into the code of Area Damage and get adjusted to work with Area Damage instead.

Both those changes combined should drastically reduce the lag in group play when large amounts of enemies are pilled up together.

I have a list of all the Skills that create Damage-over-Time and Lingering Ground Effects in this Word Document here.

It is still fiction at this point, but these made-up Patch Notes only consist of things that are really necessary for better game performance and balance. No fancy non-sense, only what is really needed, so if the devs take a look at this document, they would have a list ready for all the skills that these Area Damage changes would need to be applied on.


Just saw it last night again, 2 necros, both had AD on their gear.

this game is still crashing post update. constantly.

Clicking on pylons and RG spawns are doing it to me.

When will this be fixed Blizzard?

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wow guys you never cease to disappoint and I have been playing you from the beginning. Forgotten Souls 50 a pop to use and literally a crapton of time spent to get enough to make a difference. by a crapton i mean like 2 1/2 weeks to get 5000 and at 50 a pop to try and get a primal or a ancient so you can really start to have fun with the game since you have to have ancient gear to even enhance it with gems . I went thru 500 and not even an ancient. you might want to gear the game a little more toward the people working jobs that pay for these games . Not a ton but at least make it reasonable . I brows the leader boards and look at the gear and defiantly something is out of kilter and I honestly think you know what I am saying. between that and the trolls telling people to set it to Torment 1 and kill all the bosses in Rifts when you don’t even get 1 ancient by doing that to get forgotten souls. plain and simple the drop rate on Forgotten Souls is way to low . time spent is not justified . And players saying otherwise are not working a full time job. Enough said … and of course just my humble opinion. Thank you for your work on the game but maybe you should take another step back and see the game from others prospective.

I have a question. Now normally I play through each Season using the Hero I start with, however this time I want to start over with a new Hero. How do I go about that so that the new hero is able to get the armor rewards?

You can only get one set reward per season.

However, I think you can get another one if you start again on a different region.

Basically use your current toon to help farm gear for your second toon