Season 21 - Trials of Tempests is NOW LIVE!

Did you also see that King Kong lives on skull island in the south pacific and will fight Godzilla in NY? :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey_face: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey: :monkey:

There are some here that think that is a holiday to and even think people will get the 3rd off even though the 4th is a Saturday. Yet they also miss that even though it is a holiday that the majority of people are still working. But I am expecting a lower then normal turn out. There are huge protests scheduled for all over the country for the whole weekend. Which I think will effect us more then the holiday.

July 3rd is a federal US holiday though… and 4th of July doesn’t start until late night? What? You must be young, bitter or lonely. Probably all three… you can come to my cookout if you cheer up.

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The console versions have a lot to blame for the current patch cycle. Blue posts have as much confirmed it, they need to release the patch on the same day between platforms and therefore any last minute changes they make tend to be small.

I’m going to keep blaming consoles for the state of D3 because they’re largely to blame for the state of D3, period.

Here’s one of the Blue posts:

This isn’t the fault of the console version. They could have delayed the patch for all platforms. Not to mention that there is nothing preventing Blizzard from patching the game during the season.

You have zero proof of this.

2.6.9 is now LIVE in all regions.


hahahaha well played

will there be a new era for this patch?

Will we have a new Era?

That is what I wanted to know too. I have not seen confirmation of the ERA ending/not ending or of the exact starting times for Season. The FAQ that normally covers it was not in the news post.

Well, on EU we didn’t get a new Era, as non-seasonal is still 2020-1.

I noticed that the new sets are appearing in the 2020-1 Era. If WD and Sader received a nerf, the Era should be reset.

I’m a little confused…

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I personally believe that recycled cosmetics should be given to those who complete Guardian, and new ones to the base of the Journey 4; so you attract and do not lose casual players, usually competitive players does not care about the journey track and focus in the rift ladder

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Thanks for the ERA info. I am with you that it should have reset based on the changes, but maybe they have data that shows new sets won’t totally change the playing field? Or maybe they changed philosophy?

I don’t know. I asked, but they have almost no staff at this point and it is going to take a long time to get people up to speed.

It doesn’t even need the new sets. I spent almost 500 reforges getting a shiny new Holy Point Shot for my Impale DH and proceeded to increase my GR clearance on the era board to GR122 tonight and been a few seconds away from a GR123. Previous to that, the highest I’d done on an Impale was a GR119. So, with an improved HPS that has an extra 75-100% Impale damage, how is it fair to compete with leaderboard records that were done with the pre-2.6.9 version?

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Is 119 to 123 within the range they think is critical to reset boards? You know high end much better than I do. I thought era reset was when it went out of a certain GR range.

No, era shouldn't be reset.

  1. There was no info about it and many NS players didn’t push to clear higher.
  2. There are just 2/7 classes that were nerfed.
  3. Blizzard need test new sets before finishing current era to know how to balance all sets in big patch 2.7.0.

I disagree imo play ns is pointless if there is no era reset since nerfs affect also 2, 3 and 4 man clears


Each GR level increases mob HP by 17%, so a 4-5 GR level increase represents a doubling of mob HP. So, being able to clear a GR123 instead of a GR119 means that my effective damage has been doubled. I’d think that’s significant enough. The clear took my rank from roughly 600 (with the GR119) to rank 200 (with the GR122). A 400 rank increase purely because of a quiver change.

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I completely agree.
Solo WD should fall by 7-8 levels. How to compete with those who closed 150 solo during 2.6.8?