2.6.9 will be live today?

Here we go! 20 characters

You know it, it is fun to watch the kids. Every season, every patch, every blog.

it’s cute, isn’t it.

Just got it in my battle.net!!

The obsession is real. You would think that they were in line for life saving medicine.

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im patching right now i hope it is 2.6.9

Patch is now live. Refresh your launcher.


Yes the wait is over, go make a new DH and try playing in HC in non-season.

Box of bubbles, aren’t you? Let them have their fun :slight_smile:

I will, it is fun for me watching them.

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EU is now at patch
EU maintenance is 03:00 to 05:00 tomorrow morning.

The path was applied here. Does the leaderboard remain the same?

yes, all the cheaters are still better than you

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welcome :clap:

Does this mean a non-season Demon Hunter can get the new set to drop?

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Yes. Any new items are not season specific.

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Cow level? I’ve heard of no such thing in this game.

WOOT, Steam Punk Demon Hunter here I come!

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My the RNG gods be good to you! That set really does look awesome.

For future reference, the only things specific to Season are the Season theme mechanic and any cosmetics. When they patch the game, you get access to everything in the patch right away, normally. Just be aware that if any Legendary items were changed, you have to get a new one to drop. They don’t update the old one.