Seaonal on console has been broken


Blame sony for making files on the console easily accessible and not encrypted.

Sony would turn around and say, “Blame activision for buying blizzard and nerf’ing their budget for diablo!” Actually Sony would probably say its the application owners fault for that one.

They are encrypted…the keys for save files are not widely known but have been found.

I jave yet yo see a dingle final determination ever for console. I mran, there are bad bugs that have been reported numerous times with details; no responses, no attempts at fixes. Lets be honest, we aren’t likely to get anywhere reporting any of this to any specific blizzard team.

The issue I have is that nothing really stays a secret for that long. As Benjamin Franklin stated, three can keep a secret if two of them are dead.

It might not be season 25, but I’d expect by season 27, the leaderboards will be even more of a joke than they already are.


Except the save file encryption keys were found years ago but hackers realized, after Geohot on PS3, that releasing the keys causes legal issues.

Thus NO-ONE has released the PS4 save file encryption keys even though they are known.

This is how Save Wizard offer a commercial application to offer editing of saves on PS4 because they have the keys but they are not in the public domain…yet.

This S24 hack is very intriguing because the guy can decrypt and encrypt saves without the keys and I can’t say anymore on that.

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This may be clear to many, but worth adding to the story. Packaging a selection of hacks into a software package such as Save Wizard accounts for proliferation among the many players that wouldn’t otherwise be capable of the hacks, but the underlying issue is the platform’s security has been compromised and can be exploited in any number of ways beyond what Save Wizard surfaces by those with knowledge and skills.

Or at least be left with a happier group of players playing on a more level playing field.


Possibly… will depend on the persons intentions. A white hat exploit can demonstrate to the platform providers where they need to make improvements that may have been exploited for quite a while, bring notoriety to the talent behind it and appreciation from the community. We’ll see soon enough.

You can play solo and be competive on pc without any exploits.

That’s good and it seems right to point to save scumming as a console issue.

And that is the point we both make? No-one has done that…till now.

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its amazing how game save editing/game genie has evolved over the years. Back in the day I used to use an ASCII editor to change my DND stats from 18s to 24s lol and I thought that was amazing, wahooo storm giant strength on my little gnome

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I really haven’t bothered looking at the leaderboards before, but I’m sure you’re right having followed both them and exploits around them. I’m not so surprised more can be done than what a packaged hack surfaces. Seeing the leaderboard entries now, it’s a bit of an up yours to Blizz/Sony isnt it? Let’s see if they want to secure their platform…


I see what you’re saying here… I’d skimmed the post a bit. I’m not familiar with it enough to know if Save Wizard doesn’t edit season saves by the authors choice or because it’s authors didn’t know how to make it do that.

the person in question now has 2 accounts with modded gear in all classes on PS4 seasonal… figured id give an update …i also contataced PSN directll about this person and was given a link to a bunch of emails with no clear direction on who i report it too… PS4 seasonal for clearing GR 150 legit has been ruined by this 1 guy…( i also know blizzard has no direct relation to the PSN/console versions of the game unless this kinda thing happens and it has… they need to change the how the save files work and if anyone here says you cant modd save files…yes you can with a 3rd party program on PC via a USB stick… look it up

I am old enough that I grew up with Game Genie and pro action Replay and Game shark. WE used it to unlock characters that normally were not playable and all kinds of cool stuff. The difference is the online leaderboards. Cheating in on-line games is just shady. Hacking for fun off-line in solo play to me is no big deal. it is just mods for PC games or using dehacked for Doom 2 back in the day. I don’t consider hacking in solo to even be cheating.

However, for me it is only cheating when you get into on-line play.


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How? Can no-one clear 150 legit because he’s done it non-legit? Can’t you just disregard his clears and only compare vs those you regard as ‘real’?

i grew up with game genie myself and i understand all that… but this is ON SEASONAL which is supposed to be LEGIT GEAR ONLY and this guy has rings with 3 sockests… normal gear those rings have 1 and you cant use more the 3 legendary gems this guy has over 6 on his one toon… this is broken and needs to be fixed an i can provide pics of it all to blizz/psn if i dont get the run around…

this is on seasonal… with actually leader boards an this guy has 2 toons with the same first name in them and when inspect them all etheranl weapons do over 3Billion damage and his rings.most of hos gear has all legendary 150 gems in it… this isnt legit for seasonal and needs to be corrected…i.e changing how save files on seasonal work if possible…go look yourself if you got D3 on psn he is top 2 now…

I explained how it has happened aboe in the video.

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I still think it’s stupid not to have some sort of sanity check on the player’s gear.

if(weapon.socket > weapon[].maxsockets) save->delete(); // typically 1 socket
if(weapon.ancient.stat > stat.max) save->delete();

Throw in versioning, and any sort of sanity check would only be a couple extra megabytes at most and add in 100 milliseconds to your load time. Sure, it won’t check during live, but I doubt most people are jailbreaking their consoles. So, sure they’ll have perfect gear, but that’s already been happening prior to this. But a person with all perfect primals is still not going to be as big of a deal as a person with impossible gear.