Seaonal on console has been broken

soemone is in fully modded gear on the leader boards for D3 on ps 4 ( i edited out his name but can give it in final report)… when are you guys gonna fix the way encryption works for modding saved files? this isnt legit anymore when this can happen… please fix it and if blizz cant then please give me a direction to PSN who can report this pathetic player to… it needs to stop…

on NON SEASONAL i dont care its fine but seasonal is supposed to be bring your A game and if you’re good you will be be top but if you have to cheat like this guy is you’re bad

he is infact runnning a fully modded set ( monk class) this needs to be fixed im taking photos of it now and once i find a way to report with said pics im doing so…


Sorry but this story has been around for a long, long time…and only has gotten worse…it’s basically a joke when you have the Cheaters trying to out Cheat each other…it’s a bit of Blizz to Sony to Microsoft to Nintendo…

The sad part is, Blizzard has been able to go after cheaters in Overwatch…but D3 is not a priority at the moment nor will be…D2: Resurrected is around the corner…for now, just try and play and enjoy yourself;;;;

its teh first ive seen this happen and i have pics to prove its modded gear… i also run a modded DH in non seasonal… so i know what modded gear look like and if you can’t help ( ill assume you prolly cheat seasonal as well) jsut be silent lol …you’re only part of this issue, it needs to be fixed… if you cant run legit on seasonal you’re garbage and should be banned an have your psn deleted

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For Consoles I am not sure how to best report. I know call outs on the forums though are not allowed.

The first step for reporting is probably sending your information to the Hacks team at Blizzard.

The listed email is

Be sure to include the offending account, any details you have about how it is done, and any screenshots you want to include.

They won’t make final determinations based on screenshots but they can help point the way in an investigation.

Also keep in mind investigations take time and they usually smack them all in one ban wave, not individually.


ill remove his name from my post then my bad

figured is psn not b. net so it was fine but ill fix it

i sent that email a message and once i figure out how to ge the photos from my phone to my pc ill send them in too or they can jsut get intouch with psn an look the guy up i provided his name i the email ( i removed it from my post so i dont get in crap for a call out)

i am aware of this fact… but also from looking via leaderboards on PSN this single person is doing it on all classes so it will be a simple nail if they listen…

Thanks for removing the name SuperMage!

One email with his platform, game tag, char info, anything you know about the exploit, and the pics is great.

I realize they won’t get back to you, but all you can do really is report. You are doing what you can to keep these cheaters out of Seasons.

Glad you realize they usually do this in waves though. It sucks to report something then realize it takes months to DO anything.

Hopefully the person gets slammed in the next ban wave. :hammer: :ocean:

gamer tag is his psn soo tehre is that… i have pics on my phone… will figure that out if need be… but they can check the name i gave… like i said its really obvious

So this is new.

We understood how modded gear on PS4 and XB1 arrived in S22 when Blizzard did the start, stop, start thing with the Season but this is new.

Seasons are free of modded gear because you cannot edit the save via the Save Wizard program to add modded gear, you simply could not do that as the Advanced Feature of Save Wizard to do so is disabled by Save Wizard for the very purpose.

So how this guy has modded gear in S24 is a new method.

And very much sad to hear.


I have never seen or heard of modded gear in seasons,. I mean without the mailbox feature how would that even be possible. The save wizard has no way to add gear. I never even heard of save wizard, I don’t have it, until people keep bringing it up with threads here complaining about it and therefore promoting it at the same time.

Modded gear is stuff like extra slots and stats and different names that are impossible in the game normally. Did this guy see that? Or just some dude with all reds?

If you can only enjoy or play a game by cheating find another hobby. I hate cheaters, they ruin every game they are a part of.

Modded gear in S24…gear with stats outwith the normal parameter of the game…which Save Wizard cannot do.

Majority of players on consoles are cheaters.

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LOL please. Majority of players on ALL platforms are cheaters. Most PC players are botting, using T-H or other 3rd party programs etc. Don’t act like console only has cheating problems. The only reason PC isn’t egregious is bc the saves are online (which I wish they were for console) and there’s still tons of cheating on PC anyway.


If PC didn’t have a TON of cheaters then explain all of the BANWAVES? LOL.

Can someone screenshot the modded gear? I have to see it to believe it.

Part of the fun of seasons is starting over with nothing, that is my favorite part. I don’t even pay attention or ever check leader boards. Now I want to check to see if I can find them. LOL.

No. Thats isnt true. Most players dont use bots. Most console players abuse save mechanics. Botters get banned and account cannot be used, so Blizz is making money from these people buying multiple accounts. Why should they stop it from a revenue standpoint, lol. Either way majority of pc players don’t use exploits otherwise, the leaderboards would disappear completely in ban waves.

ok, so I just checked and the Op was NotJoking there is a person with hacked gear on the season leaderboards. There is only one person who has #1 for each character. I have no idea how the heck they did it and this is the 1st time I have ever seen anything like that during a season. They are the ONLY person with hacked gear. So I hope this person is banned and it doesn’t open the floodgates.

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People use exploits of rolling gear. That is a cheat and most players on console abuse it.

Ban waves happen pretty regularly so those people who bot are spending more money on blizz accounts and the game itself. The leaderboards on PC would disappear completely if majority of players used bots.

C’mon guys use some common sense.

I messaged and the guy replied, had a very interesting chat.

I don’t like cheating as you know but I admire his ingenuity as the first person to be able to bring modded gear into Seasons without a Blizzard moment.

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If want to see cheaters. Just go to leaderboards solo characters… all top 5 players are usually cheating …
They have all red hear thats no big deal
All there gear is name devil amd have extra gem slots… the one person have 3 legendary gems in one ring.
All passive on all gear… gear with 000,000,000,000 attacks
Ran solo GR 150 in 2 mins

Dont sit here and want proof when your just to lazy to go look at leaderboards

Season 24 on PlayStation is ruined :rage:
Where is the Blizzard support ?
Save on servers why don’t exist, to end this plague and no more option to alter it ?.
I pay the same amount money as the PC users and the rest platforms.
Why need to drop out all my efforts when the Top 5 on leaderboard is full hacked items and they do 5” GR150 solo ?.
Really can’t understand on 2021 how this can’t be resolved……