Screen shots of the new shards [spoiler]

Check out the new shards below. :point_down: A big thank you to: TinneOnnMuin for all the screen shots.


I think the first players just started hitting 70 on PTR seasonal. Anyone who has 70 seasonal achievement points is level 70 (10 points each for every 10 levels, no other seasonal achievements can be earned sub-70) and there’s about a dozen people at 70 points now. I guess we’ll find out soon. Depends on how hard they are to drop I suppose.

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It looks like they can drop early.

Found these so far inspecting profiles.


I edited in a couple more. Just missing one now?

EDIT: Okay, all 7 are now in my first post.


The rolls seem variable. This one has HUGE all res instead of strength like the first one of this type.


Overall, does it seem like these will end up outshining Ethereals?

So a few things: it looks like they just added all the regular gem effects in each slot to each one. That way you don’t miss anything.

Helm shards all have CDR + RCR + gold find + EXP + life.
Weapon shards all have CHD + flat damage + thorns + life on hit + elite damage.

You’ll automatically equip them over Flawless Royal gems without losing anything. You actually gain the powers of all 5 Flawless Royal gems.

Then they have individual special powers on top of those stats.

Looks like 1 random regular stat (e.g. strength, vit, all res, armor on helm shards, BIG elemental damage or IAS on weapon shards) then 2 special powers.


It seems like it’s possible to dual-wield them.


“One of 3 Prime Evil Soul Shards can be equipped into Helms and one of 4 Lesser Evil Soul Shards can be equipped into Weapons.”

It might be a bug, it was reported.

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The special powers seem to also vary. Not sure if you pick one when you upgrade it or it’s random?

The first Stain of Sin collected progress globes in the pool. This one nullifies elite affixes.

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I saw two that looked interesting. Both for barbarian spin-to-win. I can see how some of the others might be useful but they come with a ridiculous price like “take 50% more damage.” That’s a hard pass, thanks.

So are they pure power creep, or interesting trade offs?

very interesting… NOT!
one reads like an obvious support shard. an obvious grp buff shard on top.
so overall shards do buff grps more than solo. IMO that’s not the right direction, sorry.


They are follower equippable btw…

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This things look very powerful.

what did you expect from Blizzard? They ONLY pander to groups.

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Season 23 says hi…(20 characters)

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Thanks for the images; it’s a tad shame that we won’t be seeing boss skills from these (would’ve been a nice callback to the Hellfire Torch from D2 that gave skill from Diablo). Oh well, from what I’ve seen thus far, they’re at least interesting.


After 22 seasons of benefitting group players? LOL.

PS group players can meta group grind all day long, get mega paragon, and then roll up their solo characters AND still get the s23 benefits…

So in reality, solo players got ZERO benefit from the s23 theme.

Nice try though.