S30 - The Top Clears from Week 4

Especially from a player who doesn’t play WD. Our dear friend thinks he’s playing on a sensitive nerve, but it must have been a while since he played this class.

Yes, the WD is not the most effective, not the most fun to play, not the most attractive class, but hey, to say that it is ineffective…

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says im exaggerating

admits wd is the worst by far

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“Not the most” =/= “worst”.

I suppose that with your 91 years old, your 17 years as a teacher at Oxford, and having walked on the Moon with N. Armstrong, you will understand the nuance.

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i really like the treatment they gave MOTE and H90. Enjoying them the most so far.

i dont understand their reasoning for nerfing mundunugu, makes no sense, you cant even use it for speeds optimally. Have to rune cheese it to even push decently. Jade still sucks so bad, but it should get fun around 3k+ para. Chicken is so clunky and full of bugs. not even fun. Helltooth is the only good adjustment they’ve made to wd, but it’s one dimensional. wish they’d make the other runes useful and added them to skrimshaw. Also why not give wall of death the same power treatment AoV gives fist of the heavens, increase it’s damage, so many underused cool runes…

Ok, you made my day, a big thank you.


landing on the moon was a stupid waste of time and money. so many better uses of that funding could have been done with unmanned telescopes, probes, and satellites. the moon landings were the worst decisions nasa has ever made. nothing, AND I MEAN NOTHING, has ever been productive from the moon landings.

Yeah, that was pretty hilarious statement. Doing speed content is what Mundunugu still excels in. T16, low GRs, Mundunugu flies through that content.


Nah I just see Firebird snowballing faster than DMO. DMO would perform better in groups when the hps really start to show the difference since DMO max burst damage is far higher but with solo you don’t need much but a few well timed Ring of Fire’s , not to mention it’s better on RG. Firebirds really takes better advantage of the Shards than DMO. Admittingly they’re both close as we can see so things could change by the end.

JS went up 250ish ranks to top 100 overall and 15 GRs with Firebirds with almost all first clears all while still under 1200 paragon, don’t think with DMO I could have kept that pace.

I am actually really enjoying Wizard’s variety in this patch. Typhon is the clear winner for speeds, DMO is extremely underrated for groups clear winner and Firebirds is amazing solo.

This is a huge step up from S28’s and S29’s Tal Rasha and throw everything else away

no, chicken is far far far better for t-16 baby content. i was speaking of speed exp, generally 120-130’s, which mundunugo is gawd awful at now. they literally nerfed it by 30%.

if im gonna do t16 baby content, im gonna use a infinite dash monk or something with actual mobility. chicken is the only option, mundu is garbage for speeds. i wouldnt even waste time doing 100’s on mundu, i’d delete the character instead its so slow.

but thanks for letting us know you dont even play wd this season and literally dont know how the nerf actually feels. all talk no walk.

i’ll never forgive them for taking away s27 DMO magic missile.

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S27 was peak D3 man. I honestly wish we had the option to play that season forever.

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Oh I know that build a long with the speedy Firebird magic missile gunner was great - well at least whenever it returns it will be better than ever with the DMO buff!

This came from your predictions post. Surprisingly accurate, especially the bolded Natalya’s prediction.

Wd is a horrible char to play, adding that 30% more damage taking…

Wd is like religion, something if it dosent existe any more, no one will regret It.

It is Just a failure.

Thank you for speaking for yourself, and not for everyone, some players like difficulty.

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I spoke for my self. Especialy when It concern wd :slightly_smiling_face:.

Not with the profile you post with, but that’s another story

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I’m playing Jade this season and I don’t feel weak at all. I feel like the actual Reaper of Souls.

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There are two ways to play Might of The Earth set,one is earthquake,the other is Seismic Slam,the latter is very interesting but often overlooked,Although the Earthquake’s power met expectations, the Permafrost’s strength is significantly lower than expected. We hope that Devs can pay attention to this balancing information based on backend data before the Patch 2.7.8 released.

lighting is okay with the proper setup from my experience.