S29, just bad all around

The S29 features are lackluster, or even worse, game killing.

  • Paragon cap: the only saving grace D3 had is the potential to farm unlimited paragons. If you have bad luck RNG for two weeks straight and don’t get any gear improvements, you could at least know you’ve progressed a bit with paragon. Not getting any gear upgrades nor getting any additional paragon power isn’t very motivating to keep grinding.
  • Because of the paragon cap, it has effectively killed off group meta runs. That was one of the fun aspects of the game: find a good team or some friends and smash high level rifts. Group play is nearly non-existent this season. There is very minimal incentive for players to group up.
  • Enmity portals: random RNG that has added a layer of entropy to the D3 end game. They are fine for getting some bounty mats; however, there is a huge imbalance between bounty mats vs F.Souls and other basic mats. Yay, I have 1000xbounty mats, but after bad luck RNG I’ve already used up all the F.Souls. What is the point??
  • SSF: :yawning_face: :yawning_face: :yawning_face: Cool feature, but 10 years too late. Almost none of my clan mates or friends are playing it. I guess if folks want to high five themselves on a dead leaderboard, go ahead!
  • Removal of Altar QoL features, didn’t re-integrate requested stuff like auto-salvage into Season Journey - weak, poor decision making. These enmity portals are a loot shower. I’m going to town every 30-seconds to a minute to salvage all this garbage. Feels like I’m playing Diablo:Bore now.

The game is on its last leg anyway: look how easy it is for folks to get onto leaderboards. I’ve seen it here on the forum, people so proud that they got a spot on the leaderboard! Congrats, you got a spot on a leaderboard of a dead game.

The only reason you got the spot is because literally only hundreds of other people in the world are playing. Lol. To folks that had said, “just skip the season if you don’t like it”, clearly, that is what the vast majority of folks ended up doing. Now, you can sit there and pat yourself on the back because you got a spot on the leaderboard …it’s like getting 4th place overall, you just didn’t mention there was only four competitors.

TL;DR - bad season let’s just end it and move on to S30.

Also, since I believe the same :clown_face:s are working on D:Bore and D3, let’s just can D:Bore and move on to D:5 (but please get some new staff).


VoEs are actually great fun and offer a ton if mats for item crafts abd rerolls

The forgotten souls that are missing should come from GRs if the Visions were available in an uncapped season. However I wouldn’t mind a cheaper recipe like 25 souls and 5 per mat, maybe an altar node could fix that.

Actually it’s probably better if the season doesn’t end too fast, so that the devs have time to work on the major rebalance

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This and the following:

  • crafting recipes veiled crystal requirements need to be reduced to be the same as whites and blues. Yellows are used up too quickly, has least return when salvaged and are usually needed the most in recipes.
  • a convert DBs cube recipe… like being able to convert to whites, blues, yellows and souls.

Not another 6 months like s28.

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Season 29 has been the best season for leaderboard players. If you’re not a leaderboard player, then there’s absolutely no point in playing. This season wasn’t designed for you.

When someone says something is bad. They never say compared to what.

Season 29 is way better than season 26 – which every one quit playing because it wasn’t OP. If you don’t remember what Season 26 was, it’s called non-season now.

Basically, the paragon climbers seem to think that unless the season is overpowered like ethereal, shards or altars then it’s a bad season.

4-man is season is currently doing 4:33 second 150 clears even with a P800 cap. How much more OP do you really need to be at this point?


Actually that just shows that the game is horribly balanced. The majority of classes can’t even reach 150 in S29 solo

Actually those Visions are fun, so even for casuals there is a point in playing the season.


The developers have said that they wanted to balance around GR130 at P5000. Yes, the developers have switched since then but there’s been no word if the philosophy has changed.

In other words, your basically assuming that all classes should be able to reach 150 solo instead of three really OP sets needing a nerf – like they’ve done for years with sets that are way too OP (Inna’s for example)

I’d be fine with nerfing the OP sets/items.
However group scaling should also be adjusted.
There is no reason for content that is unbeatable by some classes to be a total joke in groups.

So yeah either all classes should be able to beat GR150 solo or none. Group clears should also be around the same tier and not tremendously ahead

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I vote for none. I think GR150 should only be possible in groups. This would give an incentive for group play. And it would make SSF way more interesting.

So good that even the streamers that asked for it and even made a document with demands have already moved on and declared the Season dead after a week of playing it… They literally gave them everything they asked, so that they play one week

Worst Season in a very long time, we can only hope it ends fast

S28 will remain as the best Season D3 had, and by a HUGE difference


Why should groups be able to reach higher tho?
If 4 players are capable of 145 each, the group should be able to clear 145 if enemies scale correctly.

There is no reason to reward grouping as such.
It should just be a choice for those that enjoy group gameplay


You can always go play Season 26. There’s absolutely nothing stopping you from doing that.

Season 27 OP - good
Season 28 OP - good

ie OP = good

Season 26 had more player retention than S29…

People started leaving after 2 days of playing in S29


Season 26 is now called non-season. So if players don’t like 29, they can do that if they liked 26 more than 29.

That argument is as stupid as if i tell you that if you want challenge you can unequip items…

People want to play the Season, with the new perks, mechanics, etc. But the Season removed the only thing in the whole game that made D3 unique


Fissures = new perk
SSF = new mechanic
Paragon limit = new mechanic

Nice trolling there… I’m a leaderboard player and for me this season is DoA… so keep your trolling to yourself and don’t speak for others without permission

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The Season has more than that, maybe you dont even know what the season has, like removal of some layouts and affixes, and introduction of new ones

But the Paragon Cap ruins everything for a lot of people. Literally the only perk that made D3 unique in the sea of ARPGs


I’ve currently cleared 132 in 11:08 with my GoD DH on SSF US. I think it took me about 50 keys for it. I’ll probably get to 134 if I’m lucky - I’m missing 4 pieces of ancient gear.


I’m currently working on my Mundu build for pushing. Then I’ll start on my Tal meteor build for pushing.

You should play more leaderboards - maybe you’ll even find out you’re a good player on an even paragon playing field.

The paragon levels were my main reason that I kept playing this game. I hit 801 and wondered why would I continue if the progression is gone. Uninstalled and see you at season 30.