S29, just bad all around

Actually false, there still maintained a higher active playerbase count than now all the way up to this season. They even bragged about how much active players still played D3 over the years.

The reason S26 didn’t see a steep fall off is because if you remember correctly that was actually the best paragon leveling theme since the season of kill streak season. Only after the season ended and they made EN permanent did they nerf their experience and spawn rate.

This proves players actually like the constant improvement of paragon leveling albeit preferring a power theme.


Because the bonus XP, the easier grifts and more loot is not incentive enough?


“Pessimistix” people that don’t really like the game, cap or not, then have a valid reason to leave the game… And maybe even the forum?

I remember S26 was very active from beginning to end.

Yeah, I’m not understanding his logic. I’ve made leaderboards with all the builds I play already… and even 4-man LB and such. Me thinks, like usual forum trolls, he skipped over this in OP:

Don’t like a post? Don’t reply. Isn’t that cool how forums work?


That is amazing :slight_smile: You should put that on your resume.

I don’t play this season so what are you even mumbling about ? I finished seasons jurney to get the pet and I’m done… I was playing for the leaderboard in previous seasons when it was actualy worth it… but since you need everyone on 800p to be able to compete on the leader than more power to you sister :slight_smile: I’m sure you and 10 other players have tons of fun competing against each other… you are finaly capable of pushing the leaderboard ! Good for you :slight_smile:


Where is the downvote when you need it?
I am enjoying it.

have you ever liked anything? lol anyways, I am really enjoying S29. Sorry you are not. I do not need paragon as a crutch. lol hidden profile.

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It’s on my diablo 3 resume. On my life resume, not so much.

I never play seasonal leaderboards because the OP themes are just lame.

But it does show that I’m actually serious about the seasonal leaderboards since I already finished my GoD & Mundu non-season push already.

I find that paragon is a crutch and it’s much more interesting to play without the paragon toughness. High paragon players after awhile tend to forget how high paragon toughness compensates for a lot of questionable decision making during GRs.

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Can’t be that good. I broke 250 on the SSF Necro leaderboard today.

I’m definitely not a leaderboard player. I’ve never been in the top 1000 in any category after the first day of any season.

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Probably because all the paragon climbers that can’t play without the paragon toughness quit playing. Give it a few more weeks once they learn to play glassy again.

At GR 111? It’s weird very weird and yes someone already did a GR150 with a SSF Necro.

Correct me if I’m wrong but haven’t you been going on for a long time, even long before season 29, about how bad blizzard and diablo 3 is? And you also bought D4 which you also don’t like?
At least you are playing, or have been playing, d3 this season. So it must have brought you some amusement?

I forgot how glassy builds can be without high paragon. It’s weird getting one-shot by something while having 1.4M health where in non-season I can run with 800K health and feel completely tanky.

I don’t know how those high clears avoid the damage.

It is luck. They fish for a good rift with viable enemies, a shield pylon early on… etc.

That is what folks here are forgetting: there are layers of RNG involved in a real push. The unlimited paragon was a way to continue progressing, albeit slowly, if you have bad luck RNG.

Others have already pointed out that paragon doesn’t make that much of a difference, to an extent, so, why get your britches in a bunch over it being uncapped?


Paragon makes a huge difference in toughness.

Orek’s Dream evens out the luck since it’s 1 in 100. I’ve fished like 400 keys for my Mundu non-season clear. I had 5 Oreks Dream and two with pylon configuration I needed.

That took 3 hours or so. I don’t think I can overcome a 2000 paragon difference in 3 hours.

RNG is easier to overcome large paragon differences.

Sorry, but I, and many others who like to play the leaderboards, might disagree with you .

And , I love the SSF ! You don’t have to play SSF bud - just suck it up and crank it up on the bot boards

Im loving SSF / all you can eat treasure theme. Doing pretty well in the leaderboard too. Top 20 something crusader. Hey! I’m the same guy! with less paragons! /rolls eyes

I can tell that you are just a really bitter solo player that hasn’t gotten remotely close to 150.

If it matters to people maybe it’s not that dead.

Unless you counted it your self, we never will know how many people are actually playing.

Good atleast they are not as frustrated as you, who didn’t took the advice.

So why does it matter if it’s “dead”?

It’s because you are salty, when you don’t get what you want/got used to. It’s a trait most autists have, than your behaveiour can be forgiven. Or you’re just an entitled bratty person, in that case go count some ants.

It’s funny. Just like the same way as games work. Don’t like it, don’t play it.


Ya, even scrubs can make the LBs. On HC, you can get the #232 spot on the WD board with a GR3. Mix in the 360 SSFM HC ranks and you are guaranteed the top 600 spot.

Well, no one plays WD, so if you play the top class, Wiz, you can be on #998 combined with SSFM with a GR1.

I know HC is a small player base, but I have never seen this happen 10 days into the season in any season before. Obviously, this season is auto-skip for most players. So for all those wanna be LB’ers, this is your chance, REK it with your other 1000 friends.