S25 - When is it starting?

i really had my hopes set on the 10th, lines up so good with upcoming days of vacation and anything closer to Christmas is just - - - to close to Christmas

I’d prefer the 10th as well, for much more selfish and personal reasons.


Highly likely we find out Friday afternoon, but it’s cutting the start pretty close to Xmas. S24 could have been much shorter and have allowed for better management of the time constraints imposed by the holiday season.

Like mentioned by others it will end on Sunday Dec 5th and start Friday Dec 10th. Didn’t get a post PTR impression that Blizzard had any issues to really contend with ample feedback. This should be a interesting season if you want to play something you usually don’t.

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I would never use when patch notes is released as a reference, they can just be tardy with it being published close to the start of a season. :slightly_smiling_face:

Nobody really knows (as we havent had a blue post about it), we should have had a heads up by now if it would be 10 dec.

what do you plan on starting with? im still torn between DH and Monk, but i think the plan is start monk go hard get the journey done and then gamble a DH and try marauder out

Same here. I usually do the journey with DH. It has some relatively easy set dungeons and has great versatility. Last couple of seasons coupled with Firebird Wiz because it was so strong. So next season could be DH and Monk (or Monk and DH).

The Grinch just informed me… Seasons won’t start till January 7, 2022.
Happy Holidays!


i pray your full of s#i7 lol


I used both DH and Monk to start, you got a good start if you roll lvl 1 Karlei’s point with shadow being default, or Lord Greenstones fan, you get one guaranteed as you know. Once you get 2 pc you can play up to T10. Sunwuko start is not as fast, weapons are harder to get initially. You hoping to roll crudest bloods at lvl 1, (but skill requires further leveling to use) but without it Rivera Dancers is OK, then pox faults is very useful if get it with you chest reward from challenge rift. Comparably based on all the odds shadow DH has been the fastest to lvl up, versus a bit worst odds of gearing for monk. But I plan on shadow - > Marauder, and kit Inna Monk second using DH to get shards. Then the seasons Soul Shards gotten early can make S25 1-70 and beyond a lot easier with leveling. Soon you should be able to play between the two classes easily.

look at d3resource com/seasons
Starting 5 days later after the previous season has ended is pretty common. Last 2 seasons did just that.
BTW how often does blizzard let us know well in advanced anymore? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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posted on Juli 9, so 14 days in advance

posted on march 22, so 12 days in advance

posted on nov 6, so 14 days in advance

Right, so you could be right, or you could be wrong about s25 start, aka a guesstimate, nobody KNOWS

edit: seems you were right on your guesstimate.

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December 10. Just posted.


So happy, lines up with my three remaining vacation days! Gotta finish Christmas prep and descend into hell!!!


Perfect, friends notified, holidays booked, food and drinks on their way :wink:


Confirmed as December 10th…


Don’t forget the Fruit Wrinkles.

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Dec 10th should work out better for all. Isn’t so close to Christmas that your spending time on the game vs family or shopping. Also gives Blizzard before holiday break more time to tweak something if needed that was unexpected/missed. :wink:

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Really glad about that date. It is the day I go on leave so even more excitement for then. Getting home, opening a beer and grinding until the early hours of the next morning while knowing there is a few more weeks of relaxing sounds like a great way to start holidays.

Also that means quite likely that I will have an entire week of being able to just grind it all out before I go on vacation.

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