S24 predictionn

I’m guessing the timer will just run out. At some point the seasonal buff would get turned off i.e. Ethereals will disappear and we’ll be greeted with “Season not available” message. That’s what I’m expecting.


Run out of things you want to do in s24? (bored?)

Yep. I can only run so many 150’s. I even made HC wizard and pushed with it. The fact that I’m #55 HC wizard with 1000 paragon tells me that no one plays HC.

i stopped playing the season when i saw some guy had 150 clears in under a second for all the classes. I know it shouldnt matter for myself as i dont really care about leader boards but the last season really was blemished with that foolery

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Lol took you this long to figure it out? Why even bother starting a season when it is the exact same as last season only much easier? I didn’t even bother this season since there was no point with no big changes. Probably wont next season either unless they bring something worthwhile to the game.

I’m a fan of survival type games, so even with no changes, the first 4 weeks feel like a long survival match. I’m still gearing up, still finding better things, still working on augments. To me, the gameplay doesn’t have to be drastically different every season. It’s once I’m fully geared I get bored.


That’s pretty understandable. I’m still finding new things to do… using gear that accumulated while running through the classes to complete the ethereals transmogs as a starting point. Rend WW has been interesting for something different atm and finishing off the transmogs for the second controller while running that.

This is the tenth week. So most seasons only last 10 weeks.

So I am hoping that we will be hearing something soon about season 25.

So I am hoping that it starts before Thanksgiving.

Gamewatcher and Blizzardwatch posted some observations/theories. Not sure how on the money they are.

Having something new for Thanksgiving would make some sense. I’m not too fussed at this point… have completed my main goals and close to completing my secondary goal. I can keep myself occupied with tertiary goals if it drags out.

I noticed D2R recently published on pulling resources left and right within blizz to stabilise their systems. Perhaps not too much of a reach to speculate that its not by accident to be having a major launch alongside a theme like ethereals … can potentially be keeping some players busy for a longer period than themes more inclined toward playing a single build through.

On a side note, I think it would be good if they addressed the power creep soon and dialed things back given they dont want to push past GR 150.

For Thanksgiving, that’s what I was previously assuming would be what happened. The past few seasons have all aligned against competitors games or on holidays.

Before Thanksgiving, no.

We’re going to get at least one weeks notice for the PTR. The PTR is going to last a couple weeks. Seasons are guaranteed to end with a couple weeks notice, and a season start gets a weeks notice.

At the very minimum, we’d have 5 weeks to go, which would put us at Thanksgiving, should the PTR be announced Monday or Tuesday. Realistically though, we’re probably now looking into December for Season 25. I’d have to say a more realistic guess now would be the 2nd or 3rd week of December for the next season.

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Nope, not even close.

Season Days Weeks
1 159 22.7
2 52 7.4
3 136 19.4
4 125 17.8
5 92 13.1
6 85 12.1
7 70 10
8 71 10.1
9 71 10.1
10 85 12.1
11 92 13.1
12 94 13.4
13 100 14.3
14 93 13.3
15 107 15.3
16 114 16.3
17 93 13.3
18 79 11.3
19 100 14.3
20 100 14.3
21 126 18
22 128 18.3
23 107 15.3

Average of all 23 seasons is 99.1 days per season = 14.1 weeks per season.

Average of last 6 seasons is 106.7 days per season = 15.2 weeks per season.


Spot on.

There’s little incentive to play this season, at least for me, with no ethereal for s6 impale. Both my hands are being tied behind my back by very bad game design this season sadly.

The modder cheaters, and Blizzard’s inaction, have ruined it for any players imho who care about the LBs. Was rank 2 HC s6 impale LBs, but knocked back to #3 cos hey, cheater does GR150 in under 2 seconds…with full impunity.

The past 3 seasons have seen me play less and less, and this season even more so. Blizzard is doing a good job of turning people off the game imho.

As I went through all the classes this season, I did notice a couple of build’s got shafted. I can understand how that would be dispapointing for those wanting to play affected builds.

I had a quick squiz one day at the leaderboards… did those entries not dissappear? I didnt see them wherever it was I was looking. I dont pay that much attention to it as you may have noticed.

First season that felt like worth playing for me, so I guess im getting a different take on it.

Finished ethereal transmogs on second controller today.

I’m still pissed from that happening in S16… I literally didn’t push for like the last month… I only improve my highest solo time and was doing my 116 semi casually.

I was farming keys that final Saturday to fish all day Sunday and dam buff wore off.

wait, ethereals have stopped working? LOL.

being forced to play all builds in order to get the seasonal rewards is just stupid.

not unless they pulled them…which they hadn’t as of last night Aussie time.

Well, I think we can agree it wasn’t something you were going to do :wink:

I enjoyed it and saw more / learned more of the game :slight_smile: Not something I’d always want to do though.

Thanks ok. So we have at least another month, if that is the case then a December start appears to make more sense.

I’m a simple bloke. I have my fave build and that’s all I’m really interested in.

Each to their own :slight_smile:

It is going to be hard to play D3 again now that modded gear is in Season’s on PS4/PS5.

Not sure I will to be honest no matter the theme/patches. Competition in Seasons is one of the main factors I play D3…play to complete the journey, get the rewards and await next season.