S24 predictionn

well hopefully the modded gear was a one and done since you said it was extremely hard to do.

Yeah, nah. Cat’s out of the bag on PS now.

It’s a shame to see it come to this for people.

At least xBox is still secure in this respect as we understand it. Hopefully that platform can attract people who want to use it as intended.

Sadly new facts have come out and lots can do it and have done so for a while but just never tainted the boards.

Now one did others did and now Seasons will be awash of modded gear because one person can introduce it but with Save Wizard you can dupe the save and like this season it’s rampant.

Or were careful enough to exploit without doing such visible things with it. Bet peeps that have been getting away with it quietly are dirty now.

Will be interesting to see if that’s enough to yank the platform provider into action. It’s pretty much made a joke of the situation as it stands.

D3 is a terrible game to play for competition when rng is the biggest factor.

Wait what??? Sorry to Necro an old comment but I’ve moved on to poe and d2r so I’m outta the loop on d3…

WTF. When did this happen

Around the middle of Season 24. One person decided to show off 3 second GR150s with modded gear. He also helped another person get modded gear under the proviso that the other person wouldn’t touch GR150. Obviously you know how that’s going to end up. So, apparently other people had already figured out how to mod seasonal gear several seasons ago, but just chose not to do it, or at least, not to make it blatant. But now that the cat was out of the bag, they just decided to go full out modding. And now you can buy modded gear, and the leaderboards are basically just as bad as The Switch.

But now that everyone knows the game can be modded, from here on out, people are going to cheat from hereon in.

If you’re after the cleanest Diablo 3 experience, all you have left is the XBox. (And while cleaner, it’s still not clean).

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That is correct, since S18 it seems modders have been able to put modded gear into PS Seasonal toons yet chose not to do LB entries till S24 when another guy figured out how to do it and did put a LB entry and started selling the service.

The other guys who could do it from S18 then released toons for free to counter the selling service.

However, if the guy who did it last season does not mod S25 toons or stops selling then the other guys will not do it either thus it all depends if this service to sell toons is going to be active in S25 for PS.

If not then there will not be S25 modded gear on PS. The guy who did it last season is not an active D3 player so we will see!

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It wouldnt be that someones trying to put the genie back in the bottle would it? :wink:

Chose not to do it, or chose not to do it with obviously hacked gear that doesnt exist in game? What evidence was there it wasnt being used and wont continue to be used to just make perfect primals and discreetly speed up gem leveling, for example?

The cat’s out of the bag now, that the capabilities have been developed.

Well because there was no entries on the LB’s with modded gear that is why. The guys who could do it are not D3 players really on PS.

Conspiracy theories proven false over the last 3-5 seasons:

  1. Modders have “modded wings” that give players XP boost in seasons.
  2. Modders secretly speed farming 149’s after clearing 150 with legit gear.
  3. Modders are waiting till last week to wreak the leaderboards with their 20k para and perfect gear.
  4. Modders are skilled long term D3 players pretending to be legit.

Reality is far simpler, same bunch is always atop of LBs at the end of the season because they play more. Any exploits used in seasons are based on buggy game/save mechanics and Blizzards lack of interest in fixing console issues.

With the unusually high number of primals that you’ve reported times past on LBs, do you believe they come only via other means like save scumming?

It seems clear some will do it that way… It’s been acknowledged / defended as I recall, but it would just be a whole lot simpler to mod if having access to it.

Occam’s razor?

Sounds like youre being told it’s only in the hands of non-players… I dunno. It’s possible I guess.

Don’t forget them reptilian nephalem. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You are talking about jailbroken PS4’s, D3 Save Editors and Save Mounters etc…this is not common and if you are going to edit a D3 save you are hardly likely to go to that trouble only to put in legit Primals when getting Primals is far easier with just Save Wizard giving you mass anmount of mats to reforge with.

Even if it had be done but with legit gear then that is irrelevant given how easy getting Primals is.

The reason why S24 modding has a far greater impact is it is non-legit gear in Seasons on PS4 for the first time.

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Yep, that may well be easier and presents much the same issue if it can be accessed in Season.

Perfect primal’s would just be a matter of pressing the button enough times with access to unlimited mats.

There’s no disputing non-legit gear takes it to another level.


@Homer and Behind the times… Ahhhh thats right, i remeber awhile back seeing those 3 and 4 man LB clears with like 2 minutes and crap gear. Havent played in a few Seasons and even when i did i was semi casual.

Lol still those LB clears use to make everybody i played with laugh because they made it super obvious.