S-19 Group Join Bug

Still broken as of 3:57pm EST (New York City/US). We got maint. coming tomorrow 12/3/19. Hopefully they have a fix.

Hey all,

Just to give another update now that we’re all back from the holiday break.

We have the team pouring through internal reports of the bug and trying to locate why presence isn’t work correctly. There’s two separate bugs that could be associated with each other: Non-Seasonal/Seasonal Party Bug and the Clans/Communities/Friends List bug that shows players at level 0 and unknown presence. We’re hoping to nail down the party bug first to alleviate any of the gameplay issues and then work on the display bug with Clans/Communities/Friends List.

This isn’t something that’s tied to any maintenance you see through Battle.net.
We’ll get a fix out asap regardless of a planned maintenance or not.

Thanks for sticking through this with us -


Hopefully the HC / SC bug is tied to one of those

If possible please request the dev team to fix the bug in which Barb’s Nerve of Steel erases all seasonal buff when triggers. It limits our potential pushes and even speed runs very much. Thank you!

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This was first reported months ago. While the previous season was still live. Can we expect a fix any time within the next 3 months? That is a 100% real question. It has already been 2-3 months with no fix.

Hey Robdoggierob,

We’re continuing to investigate and internally testing many fixes targeted to squash this bug daily. A bit more difficult to nail down unfortunately, but we have made progress in some areas.

We’ll continue to update, but most likely this will require a new build to be produced rather than a hotfix. Once we have a fix that is 100% internally, we’ll communicate it out to everyone.

Thanks again

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Yes I noticed that the Recent Players came back to the Social List after today’s maintenance (this was missing for months also, Matt).

Good to see that this is progress being made to fully fixing the main issue w/ social at hand… hope its before the holiday break this month!

Recent Players is not a bug, it was removed for a reason.

For Blizzard Diablo team to rebuild that legacy part of D3 code that got left behind by Bnet Services patch in September, means we may very well have months to go with the join bug.

Ok good to hear. Sounds like another few months. Maybe Season 20 or 21 we will finally get rid of this bug…

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Here is proof showing one effect of the Sept. patch join bug:
This SS shows my task manager with multiple launchers loaded.


I have only launched one launcher.
Had been playing for a couple hours before I logged back in.

I logged in but could not start the game as it said “Only Available to Party Leader”

I was in solo game!
Also, had not been in any parties at all today!

It’s a bug
It wasn’t intentionally removed.
It was broken in a maintenance in December 2018…

UPDATE Monday 7 January 2019

All - I was able to ask some questions and got a bit of an answer today. (Thank you Nevalistis!)

Confirmed as a bug. They are investigating but no ETA. So, at least we now know it was not an intentional change.


I can’t even log in today.

Yesterday, when I would send a message to another player in my clan, I would get an error.

This should have it’s own stickie.
Please no more maintenance.
It breaks the game instead of fixing it!

I was playing absolutely fine all day today but now, after logging in, I cannot rid myself of “Only available to Party Leader”

12/5/19 – 12:40am EST

Can you make a game at all sedmoogle? If not, have you checked your email for anything from Blizzard? Right now, players who are muted in Blizzard games can’t make games in D3. The mute is real, but the inability to make games is a bug. There is a thread in Tech Support dedicated to that issue.

If your issues are related to the normal grouping issues, they are working on that.

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Can’t create nor join any mode of the game at all.
No email received from Blizzard either.

Pai, please be sure to check the email associated with the Bnet account as well as any spam folders associated with it.

If you don’t have a Silence penalty email, but think you are silenced, go ahead and contact CS to inquire about your account status. You can use the “Appeal Silence Suspension or Ban” article then click the link to appeal. They can confirm if you have a penalty or not. https://us.battle.net/support/en/article/166944

If you don’t, then you will want to post on Tech support with exactly what happens when you try to make a game. There are overlays and other issues like Razer software that can cause crashing or failed game creation. You can get help troubleshooting over on that part of the D3 forums.

EDIT - I see 7 unique new posts on TS in the past 30 mins with the same issue. I am now wondering if something else happened. Check the TS thread there towards the end. That thread is for only Muted/Sileneced players, but you might seen an updated there about the new influx.

A player on Europe says he found a solution… https://eu.forums.blizzard.com/en/d3/t/unable-to-start-join-games-only-available-to-party-leader/505/6; so obviously wasn’t muted.

It’s getting complicated… as usual… because people aren’t providing details about their case. “Me too” is awfully short and non-descriptive.

Some of the reports are genuine… such as the one here. Others could be internet related… I still don’t know how to tell them apart… except to ask if they were muted.

This one was as THIRD thing. We have the grouping bugs, the silence bug, and there was a new thing in the past hour.

TS thinks it is already improving but are watching it. Pai posted on the TS forum that they are already back in game.

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Did you guys see this SS image?

This is part of the Bnet Services bug.

I open the launcher and start playing.

After a few hours all party options are broken.
I look at my Task Manager and good gawd, it shows 7 or more D3 launchers open!

I shut off my computer every night so please see this as the join bug gone screwy!