Rrrr, where be PTR notes?

I hope they stop having season themes from now on. And focus on adding new features to the game instead.



Loving this new info, and it would be awesome to get this info asap, but asking for that on a Saturday is a bit much. These guys need sleep!

Every season that has a seasonal theme: I am making sure my seasonal character reached P1300+ at least with all ancient gear augmented, which is usually taking me 30 days~50 days. Last season, I aimed for P1500 and I reached it.

Season 23: I stopped play the moment I completed the Guardian of S23. I think Paragon is below 800, and I don’t think I have all ancient gear found.

The reason why I stick to the other seasons with themes longer than usual is that those themes are not permanent, so I must enjoy them as much as I can before. Not to mention that some of those seasonal themes made your character very strong which allow you to clear GR level that your non-seasonal characters won’t able to, at least not as fast as a character with a seasonal theme.

As for season 23? I see no reason to play longer than usual as I can just go back to play non-season as the follower changes are applied to non-season as well. And I can ensure I played the new follower enough at non-season.

So yes, whether there is a huge player drop on S23 compares to previous seasons, I think Blizzard knew the best about it. :slight_smile:


Two weeks is not soon…2 days is

All i am hoping is to see some nerfs undone. In a “hoping for the best and preparing for the worst” mindset, i also half-expect them to kill some other fun builds like WW or POJ… cause, you know, they overperform compared to Immortal King or Rainment, respectively. I mean, that’s what they said last season, i am just using their words.

I guess it depends on one’s perspective, but “within 2 weeks” would definitely fall under soon imo. Besides, I wouldn’t expect it to be in 2 days, as that falls under the weekend. So unless the ptr patch notes are to be released today, I wouldn’t expect it to be in two days.

You guys might be “happy” that PTR patch notes will be coming out “soon” but remember… they release patch notes one week… next week ptr starts for 2 weeks, then on 2nd week of ptr they announce end of season and we have 2 weeks left. That adds up to 4 more weeks of the season. Then there is a 2 week break between seasons… and drum roll please. Season 24 will not start for at least another 6 weeks. Enjoy the wait.

This is not an issue. The bigger issue is lack of communication. I’m fine waiting if we know something is at least happening.


Hopefully the no mid season change for s23 is a good thing and we get s24 a bit faster.

Awesome, thank you!
My bet is on either Tuesday or Wednesday.

Im hoping by the end of business hours today :sunny:

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Sounds like not this week :pensive:

Rykker made mention of my post in the last segment. :grin:

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He mentioned this post. :point_down:

Bring it Blizzard, you can also upload the Q2 D4 blog. :pray:

I meant my thread. Don’t be jelly. :laughing:

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Ohh nice, I hope its some bufss of underused items…

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Doubt a cm posts if it is blizzard soon haha

Keep hearing we get something on the 7th or 8th for a PTR that starts on the 11th but that is all speculation based on calendar dates and prior patches etc…

At 12:32 mark he mentions this thread then at 12:45 he mentions your separate thread.

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I don’t disagree with your major sentiments but I think you’re being a bit overdramatic. The follower update was pretty substantial for solo players and I think it was an extremely positive addition. The amount of support d3 has gotten excluding balancing patches was pretty lackluster for a long time. It’s been pretty good in comparison to the early seasons (imo) as of late.

I doubt they’ll discontinue support until d4 is released, but I wouldn’t expect an increase in dev power being allocated to d3 either.

Either way, hope you still find ways to enjoy diablo. Cheers.


I hope I do as well. I think maybe my trying PoE during a lul in February put me in a tough spot where I ultimately was disappointed in PoE while also wishing that it’s better elements were in D3.

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