Rrrr, where be PTR notes?

More likely a wet blanket on the Firebird Wiz… (and a buff to Necromancer).

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They have a lot to think about since the separate LB change. Which build and how to balance.

I’d say next week (and certainly hope :face_with_monocle:), but there might be chance they decide for a June update so… Hang on :stuck_out_tongue:

They call it “ballanceing” :laughing:

It’s an Emanate item, why would it drop the followers socketed gem instead of the characters? I mean, that’s what emanate does…

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Rrrr, id’s b 60 daes, where b’s me notes?

In the words of Blizzard: Soon™

It’d be nice to have some sort of update. Even if the notes aren’t ready, a little notice of when we could realistically expect them would go a long way. It would also give some indication of how long S23 might actually last.

S23 has lasted 2 months now. If it’s going to last the standard 3 months, the PTR should be very near. The finalized patch typically goes live the first Tuesday after the season ending and if the season lasts 3 moths, that leaves only 1 month to do the 2 week PTR, 1 week internal testing and the rest. That’s not a lot of time.


Except the last two seasons were 4 months+ each. Which would mean about another month till the PTR.

Working on the patch notes and should have something to share soon!


thank you for posting , can’t wait :slight_smile:

Well that’ll be something to look forward to. By the sounds of it, this season will probably last less than 4 months.

I’ll be waiting in bated breath.

Normal soon or Blizzard soon? Thanks for the update. :clap:


Probably normal soon. So it’s likely we’ll see the ptr patch notes within the next two weeks.


Pay the man. :slight_smile:

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I hope it will be tomorrow. A sneak preview is fine too.

Also, I hope that S24 theme will be a real seasonal theme this time.


finally! big thanks! :smiley:

Define “a real seasonal theme”…

Seasonal theme or not, people don’t stick around regardless. I’ve asked this many times before…But, if the Follower Update/Rework had beent he Seasonal theme, would people had played more this season? I doubt it…And while the Follower update was a decent overhaul of its former self…I can’t help but feel that most people still haven’t really invested time into testing the limits of followers without using the “cannot die” token.

People are too fixated and spoiled by “Seasonal themes”. People cry and gripe about there being too much power-creep. But no, we need a Seasonal theme that adds to it. /sigh


I hope soon means today.