New d3 news on the blizz app, but suddenly dissapeared?

Nope, nothing. . . . Blizzard News

PTR coming soonNOTM it seems.

This can only mean that we get to fight Imperius next season!

Honestly that’d be nice and fun imo, however if the next seasonal theme does have anything to do with Imperius, it’d likely be something like Imperius’s valor empower the character through some means.

Maybe Imperius finally caps paragon?

What if Imperius falls out of the sky every 30 seconds and obliterates anything he lands on? :cloud_with_lightning: :cloud_with_lightning: :cloud_with_lightning:

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Like instead of trying to help the Nephalem, he’s attempting to kill them, but keeps missing and instead kills (or massively damages) everything else on the screen.

Every RG is replaced by Imperius, who cannot be killed.

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I wonder if what OP saw also had something to do with this?

Rrrr, where be PTR notes? - General Discussion - Diablo 3 Forums (

It’s all gravy carries on relaxing

Whats in the launcher? Im at werk :weary:

OP said he saw something I do not see anything yet.

There is no D3 news today. If there was, it would be on the main news page on the website.

They also don’t usually release news this early in the morning their time.

I am not expecting anything for D3 this week. When they said 2 weeks-ish, I think they mean it.

I would be happy to be wrong, but I don’t think so.

I must have miss that. All I saw was “soon” do you have a link for the 2 weeks-ish?


So, it’s soonTM as usual. So boring, this company hates surprises.

Guessing its either ptr notes or d2r beta news. If it was on the app someone must have set something they were working on live by accident. Sometimes you can guess the web address (patch note numbers etc) and see whats going on behind the scenes.

Ditto this…where did the 2 weeks come from?


Oooooh a pox faulds season,
with a bonus animation where the demons puke their guts out.
I want it now

The green text should not be trusted regarding estimates.

Neither should the time traveler from the future.

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