Rod Fergusson just confirmed no chat or lobbies for console


i got my refund but is very sad since i ve been raised with diablo 1-2 franchise loving so much and rob in some way re my father and i was a fan of him but now he disappointed me,i can understand bug fix,stability is a priority,maybe i can see a little hope post launch?


This is gonna hurt the sales.
But i am still biting it as I do have a bunch of friends to play with.
But bad move Blizz, bad move for the console audiences.


Yup I’m sure you and MANY are bound to follow with this response

I replied and asked him if the console community could have a positive discussion with the devs to find a happy medium

The fact that he said no new features makes me sting because these aren’t new features they are core functions of Diablo 2


This is promising though. The Executive Producer is at least open to new features post launch.

That is good news for Console folks. I certainly get it though if people wait until it happens to buy the game.

Thank you for the post and update OP! Sources are always great.


Same here. Guess I’m sticking with path of exile and median xl.


The thing is chat and lobbies are not a new feature it was core gameplay of Diablo 2. They need to have discussion with console community to find a way to make it work. It’s a start, but still…


So pissed… what a lie… D2 experience my A********************************


Oh I agree! However Console for D2 is new. There was no D2 on Console at all so getting the same things working might be more challenging?

I do hope they get it going though. Communication is critical for D2 even if they have to use the Console systems vs the Bnet system. They are very different I am sure. Maybe a diff software build per console?


Yeah I get that but they obviously had to create a new system for console instead of copy pasting d2s… honestly feels like they copy pasted d3 lobby system… I can’t even ask a player in my game for a tp… that is NOT OK


“no new features” didn’t realize lobbies we’re a new thing for Diablo 2 lol.

At the very least he said no new features until after launch. So it sounds like their is some hope and they have at the very least seen all of our complaints.


The Silver lining for me in this with “no new features” means personal loot will not happen before launch


Potentially after? Who knows but Blizzard.


Probably also applies to getting the skill/action bar for KB+M sadly.

Hope there’s a patch with some of the no-brainer updates like the skill bar for KB+M and basic ability to communicate and make specific kinds of games for console fairly shortly after launch. Like, can we at least get a probably in 2021 comment for certain things? Early 2022?

Still hoping there’s a blue update/FAQ to common questions and feedback before release.


I mean they aren’t new features though :frowning: They should have been included from the get go. I don’t see how they thought not including in game text chat or voice chat, at the very least, was the way to go either.

I’m glad I ended up refunding my Xbox copy. I’ll consider buying it again if/when they do implement lobbies and in game chat.


I agree with all the well thought out comments here. Yes, it should be equivalent to PC. I feel like Console has some work to do still. At least they were honest about what will be around for launch. That lets people make educated purchase, or refund, decisions.


If they can just communicate beyond that they hear us and it won’t be available for launch but they’re ready and willing to discuss with the console a community a happy medium, that will go a very, very long way.

Call me a sceptic, but this is nothing more than the carrot in front of the horse. Getting a refund post release will be impossible. Blizzard will have our monies and do a runner. Blizzard is doing damage control, enticing people to commit to the purchase for more $$$$, in the hope of mitigating refunds and bad PR by using elusively worded replies that aren’t clear, and don’t define what will happen post launch.

NO, I think it is time for a refund.

I’m not a group player, but I understand the problems with the console version of D2R and Blizzard’s response is completely unacceptable. They haven’t listened to their customers at all.


He has not even made reference to the lobbies, just that there will be nothing new.
It seems that they will not listen to us, and if the game sells as it surely will, what am I going to say is my favorite, we can forget about them …
Pure despair


This is why I was surprised a Blizzard employee actually responded about an issue that they know would receive backlash and maybe hurt their pre-sales. Maybe it was a collection decision beforehand with the company and they felt since it affects consoles that they could release this information without too much of an impact.