Rip during pause again

I know nothing will be done about it. But I just wanted to come here and complain. I had to get up on the spot because my child started crying in the other room so I PAUSED THE GAME to go see what the issue was. I watched the game for a solid 5+ seconds to make sure it was paused this time. When I came back THE GAME WAS STILL PAUSED AND I WAS DEAD. I know blizzard does not give a darn about these things. I just wanted to come here and complain/moan about it. Really freaking tired of this crap.
/end rant

(Not the first time this has happened.)


I wonder if a friend joined while you were paused. Since you can’t pause during multiplayer games, the game went back live and RIP you went…

May your deeds of valor be remembered.


if you have to go AFK you MUST ALWAYS tp to town even if is 5 seconds afk


Not always an option. I have children that require special attention. If I have to get up I have to get up. The pause function needs to work as intended. Sorry but there is no excuse for such a simple function to not work.


just tele to town and then pause. is safer i takes like 5 seconds to TP.

i Agree but its what we got bad pause system, randoms DC etc. so either learn to deal whit it or keep loosing characters

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Yes, this is what 99% of HC players do if they have to afk.

To pause in game is utterly foolish!


Nope. It’s not. It’s a basic function. A function that indie companies can manage to get right. But blizzard? Nope. I should be able to expect it to work. To expect any thing less is 100% pathetic. No excuse for a pause function to not work as intended. We are talking about the very BASIC things here. Not ok. Not ok at all. Blizz does not get a pass in this regard.


Pause is only temporary and should not be used in HC longer than it takes to run to the kitchen for a beverage or to take a quick P break.
You found out the hard way that it cannot be expected to keep you alive in the midst of battle.
I have never tested the actual length of a pause. Perhaps someone else has.
edit: I tried to test in the middle of Fields of Misery. I got bored after staring at the pause screen for 15 minutes.


Pause does not work 100% of the time. Even in Challenge Rifts there was a time that pause did not work. You safety is questioned while in a game. Even in town you may die in certain circumstances.

I understand this feeling though because sometimes life just gets in the way of our gaming. Hardcore requires more attention than most modes of gaming because your character can die permanently. R.I.P.


This is why I got Diablo 3 on switch. That thing is made to solo Grift Hardcore Pause is so good on it.

Pause should be a viable way for me to step away from the computer to check on my kids from time to time though. Blaming the player for something that is 100% Blizzard is broken logic at best.


You can press T to teleport back to town as quickly as you can hit esc to pause…In town I have never had an issue with dying for no reason paused or unpaused.


Wait there is a pause button on PC? On PC its an ONLINE all the time game, if someone joins your game, there is no pause at all, that is 100% your fault, not the makers of the game, next time make sure you are either 1) in town or 2) have “enable quick join” turned off, its under social in options.


not if your game is private…then no one can join


There is no pause feature on the PC version of the game. This was established before the game even launched. I haven’t played a console version, and I suspect that could potentially be different.

If I have to move away from my computer or even divert my attention for a few seconds in hardcore mode, I port to town.

Press Escape so you’re at the menus. That pauses the in-game action in a solo game. The issue is that after a while, the game decides you’ve been AFK too long, unpauses itself and gives you the 10 seconds countdown of logging out. If that happens in a combat area, your hero will most likely die.


“There is no pause”

That is literally false. It’s not a matter of opinion.

So you “pause” the game on hardcore mode in the middle of a rift? Or do you port to town, first?

Just to be Clear:

  1. You NEVER pause your game in HC in the middle of a rift. You always teleport to town and then pause the game. It’s the best way to assure you stay alive. (Recommended)

  2. Yes, you can pause a game in Solo mode. I wouldn’t recommend it in HC (read Meteorblades explanation)

  3. NO, you CANNOT pause a public game or when another player is with you. Enemies will continue attacking.

  4. And lastly, don’t assume you are safe after you kill the Rift Guardian and leave your character unattended. Sometimes enemies survive after the death of the RG and continue to attack. Get your loot, upgrade your gems, teleport to town.


Yeah, that’s pretty much my point.