Rip during pause again

Instead, all you had to do was tele to town. You would be alive when you came back.


100% incorrect. Pause should work. 100% of the time. Stay mad bro.

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It works exactly like the Developers intended. It is NOT a means to pause combat and exit game without consequences.

Once your AFK timer finishes, the game un-pauses then runs for about 10 seconds before DC. Same if you lose connection.

The Devs did that on purpose to prevent people from using pause or forced DC to avoid HC death.


I never use pause while solo.
I always go to town instead.

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Keeping your foot on the brake ‘should’ keep your car from moving.
If you need to stop for an extended period, take it out of gear.

That’s the part that kills me. If it happened to you before, why do you keep doing it?


First off if one is dying often by non combat deaths, then it may be best to play SC. I will admit that SC does not offer the same rush as HC, but it could be the better way to go. I used to be exclusively HC until my recent move to an area with unreliable internet.

Having said that, with the recent changes to the followers, you should ALWAYS have Homing Pads as an emanate skill. So pressing T is just as fast and much more reliable as pressing Escape. Since teleport ALWAYS works while pausing the game resulted in the death of your toon, it may be best to change your behavior to better suit the constraints of the game. Teleport does not work with a Boss Encounter, so prior to committing it may be best to pause the game, listen for possible disturbances in the house, and then proceed.

These are basic suggestions, but playing HC requires greater effort, both in game and IRL.


You think there are rules, that Diablo will follow. When they stated there nobility, as the reason none of your actions count as acknowledged. include, pause in there insanity.
“Thou, shall not suffer a witch, to live.” .

that is poor design. VERY poor design. If you are AFK for an extended period of time and the game is smart enough to figure it out, you should just be instantly logged out rather than unpaused.

OP has every right to be ticked off.

With that said, I TP to town, even though I’m on PS4 and pause can work indefinitely and I also am on silent mode, so people cannot join my game. I just refuse to take that risk.

No because otherwise hardcore players who think their hero is going to die would just pause the game, leave it until the AFK time-out occurred and the game instantly logged them out, saving their hero from dying.

so people innocently pausing the game suffer because some players are cheats…righto…

The game’s been like this for almost a decade. At this point, anyone playing hardcore that doesn’t teleport back to town before pausing is asking to return to a dead hero.

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That may be the case, but it doesn’t excuse bad game design.

It’s not bad design to ensure that, in a hardcore mode where death is supposed to be permanent, that you don’t get a way of avoiding death which just involves pausing the game and waiting a bit.

And for those that lose characters like the OP did? I mean, if Blizzard spent as much time chasing down the myriad cheaters in this game as it does designing bad game mechanisms that affect innocent people…

Teleporting to town or pressing Pause won’t work if Blizzard lags or outright kicks you out a game in the middle of a scrummage.

Good gawd, never pause in HC.

It’s not the smart thing to do ever.

You should have learned your lesson after the first rip.


It has nothing to do with cheating or bad game design, you trog. There is nothing “bad” about preventing an opportunity to quit out of a game to avoid death. The OP has lost a character before to the similar poor judgement and fell victim to the same blunder.

You lost all meaningfulness with your post with a personal attack.

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Alright, sounds good.