Returning to Where You Quit the Game?

Played D3 some 8-9 years ago and just picked it back up (mostly because Necromancer). Seems nothing has changed in the “save” system (it always ports you back to Tristram). Now we have 2 options, exit the game and a “Leave Game.”

Yes I know quitting it at a checkpoint provides and ability to return to the exact spot… but that can mean grindling down 10-40 minutes that you don’t have free.

Going back to the closest checkpoint once you’ve quit can mean a whole bunch of time covering over where you already have been, seems the damn game does NOT save ground you’ve already opened.

Part of this issue is I need at time to tab out to check something via google. That seems to work fine… the first time. Try and do it again, boom, it won’t switch.

So what creative ways have y’all figured out to make the process better?

The game has always had those two options. One leaves the current iteration of the game and places you back to the main menu. The other option quits the program entirely (equivalent of Alt-F4).

The game regenerates and randomizes the map when you restart the game. Therefore, it cannot put you back exactly at the same place. Also, you really do not want to start the game already in the world, especially if you are playing Hardcore. That is why the game always starts in the last town you visited. Assuming you are playing the campaign and not Adventure Mode, the game only marks your progression via checkpoints in the story, or when you uncover a waypoint on the map. The trick, then, is to leave the game after you had reached one of those milestones. However, since the entire campaign can be finished in as little as an hour, it really shouldn’t slow you down if you leave the game in the middle of a particular mission.

This is different in Adventure mode, which is where you will be spending most of your time after you have completed the campaign.

That is an issue with your computer, not the program. I have no issue switching programs, including D3.


Thanks… yes, Campaign mode. An hour? My age is showing… I think I have a ways to go and have been on it for many hours…

Regenerates is why grounds covered has to be re-covered. Checkpoints… there has been occasion where I wanted/had to quit but had to spend another half hour trying to get to the next checkpoint. One would hope it goes back to the last checkpoint if you quit before the next one… BUT there have been times I found myself in Tristram scratching my head where I had been (i.e. no blue oval portal).

The tab out issue seems related to the Mac version (obviously a bug as I have hundreds of hours playing WoW with never an issue), I don’t see an issue with running under win10.

There is a conquest achievement for running the entire campaign in under an hour. However that is only done with a full group (4) who have done the campaign before and skip all the content entirely.

Returning player? Much has changed, I know how that feels and wished I would have found this page earlier. Best rescours for answers and help:

The game saves your waypoints and the state of your campaign. So you can use waypoints as shortcut to teleport to nearest map.
Campaign within 1 hour is ment for advanced 4 player-teams (like 1 quester who does all the stuff, 2 Runner to find important places on the map and open town portal for quester, 1 Towner for the quest-giver.)

You can do it solo, even on T16.

However, it’s a speed conquest and you usually play more casual and need more time, especially in the first playthrough.

The “ESC” key works great then just “ALT+TAB”. Doing a “TOWN PORTAL” is another good way.

Only way you can continue from where you were when you quit last time is to play D3 on Xbox Series S/X by using Quick Resume (unless Blizzard removed support) feature. Just launch another game while D3 is running.