RESOLVED: Bane of the Trapped isn't dropping on me anymore

As the title says.

My HC Necro and 2 wizzes need Bane of the Trapped. I recently created a WD just to build an LOD wiz but lately decided to dress it up and play it. I was checking on the leaderboards and icy veins that the Mundunugu set also needs Bane of the Trapped.

I don’t have a spare BOT because I gave it to my Hydra wiz. I don’t have one in my stash as well. If I got one lost in my stash, I would see it and level it when I prompt Urshi in every Grift end. Apparently, there’s none. I checked all of my toon’s followers but all of them are not wearing any BOT.

Is this a bug? Or is there a limit to how many BOT can drop per account.


When you kill a Guardian in a Greater Rift, the game checks the following locations…

  1. Your hero’s inventory
  2. Your hero’s equipment
  3. Your follower’s equipment
  4. Your Stash

If there are any legendary gems that do not appear in any of those four locations the game randomly picks one of the missing gems and that’s what gets dropped.

If the Guardian is not dropping a Bane of the Trapped, that means one exists in one of the four locations specified above. In which case…

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Thanks for this! I did a clean sweep of all my toons after your post and played all of them one by one in grifts. I saw the last BOT in one of my toon’s templars. I changed the title to resolved.

Thanks again!