Request for New Feature

Please implement video replay of top 10 clears on every leaderboard. This will help reduce cheating and help new players.
Thank you.


No, as that is telemetry that invades privacy.


I seriously doubt this would help deter any form of cheating. That being said, this should be technically possible to implement. So why not?

And no, this would not be any privacy violating telemetry considering the recording would be done 100% on the server side.


I am sure they will get right on that for you, Not.

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Are they cutting out all chat and other potential PII (including IP)?

Does one have to consent to allowing all their sessions to be recorded, especially important in some countries (like Germany.)

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All that needs recording from client side is user input, that’s it. Everything else already runs real time on the server.

Challenge rifts are already based on actual GR runs. They already record a whole bunch of things. Now just add user inputs on top of that and you’ll get a simulated recording of the actual GR run.

By the way, you already have the Warden watching everything you do when you play any Blizzard game. That already violates way more than any potential GR run recording would.


I assume by “replay” the Op means having the videos publicly viewable. So yeah, that would likely violate a whole slew of privacy laws around the globe unless you give signed consent beforehand. I would imagine it would give more of a headache than it would solve.

All the cheaters coming out not wanting people to see how good their bots are…


Yeah, it would take all of two seconds to look up my profile to dismiss that notion. Having legitimate concerns over the legality of your suggestion as it concerns privacy does not in any way imply cheating.

Man, some people need to learn to use the thing above the shoulders.


there are plenty of other games that allow in-game viewing and post player replays


Like you describe the feature I have certainly never seen it.

Overwatch has it. Not sure exactly how it works, but I have a friend who’s constantly sharing replay codes so he can watch later.

Dota also has it. It’s honestly quite common in multiplayer games.


Yeah, it saves your own games for you to view. It does not automatically share it with the world. Two very different things.

Well, maybe that’s the case with Overwatch. But Dota does it. You can just log in the game and watch any ongoing game live if you wanted.

It’s honestly really really weird for someone to be so concerned with privacy with this.


I’m not the one making the laws but I’m required to follow them, as is Blizzard.

There is no such thing as online privacy.

Well, the laws say otherwise. Especially in the EU the laws are very strict and it can be a real minefield to determine what actually can be monitored and what can’t be.


There is such a thing as consent.

Legally speaking it is.

Beside the privacy issues, how will it reduce cheating? Will you be the referee as to what is cheating? I assume you talk about maphack, because you wont see a botscript getting rk10. So how will you see if someone uses maphack, i bet all top 10 clears will be done on a wood/bf, so no way to say hey how does he know where the exit is? Besides there are several video’s on twitch or youtube you can lookup.