Removal of TCP/IP - a slippery slope

Now something I’ve wondered. I remember something when playing Diablo 3, the game’s server would tell you if you were playing with someone on your network or nearby or something to that degree. I wonder if it would be possible just to have an LAN mode, where mulitplayer could occur with single player characters playing over the same network. True LAN style. Wouldn’t be an exact same feature, but would at least solve the issue for playing with friends or family in the same house.


Its not that deep people. If you play via TCP/IP it won’t show in the MAU metrics. Its really that simple.

ME too I preordered this and my 4 roommates were going to do the same. We were going to do lan modded mulitplayer. We only have sat interent so we were really looking forward to this. I’m going to be getting a refund after the beta.


Might really be just that in the end.

And the fear of pirating - which might happen anyway though through the creating of private servers.

That’s almost certainly what it is. They want the ecosystem entirely under their control and they don’t want people playing multiplayer on pirated copies.

Which has been used as a pretty poor excuse for decades now for developers to strip direct connect functionality from their games. Thankfully there are still developers out there who care about the players, like Larian, who include direct connect in all their games. But unfortunately once the Blizzards of the world turn into the Activision Blizzards of the world, you can say goodbye to direct connect multiplayer.

As always, the paying customer gets a worse product thanks to overzealous anti-piracy measures.

If they can solve the rubberbanding and other issues with Battlenet, I won’t consider this as much of a blow. But I get reeeeally annoyed when they want to control the ecosystem but then leave that ecosystem in a less than stellar state.


Thats the “insight” explanation?

I´m sorry, just being able to add some stats in pure singleplayer is not the thing the mod community wants.

Also going back to OG D2 is not really a solution.
There is a reason why we want D2R in the first place.


Im so done with blizzard.


From a business point of view, why would you allow someone to internally change your games files and make their own mods? Wouldn’t you rather have the player base playing on YOUR server so you can monitor it? Them removing TCP/IP is a great change IMO, all the mods were trash anyway. D2LOD bnet > Mods. Only good mod that was even out was D2PK and that was for dueling. POD was trash PD2 is trash. Play the normal game.

We will fix it, like all the other gems we waste our time on :sunglasses:


Theyre stuff is just like a glide wrapper, the OG is still underneath…


are you a programmer? do you know what you are talking about?

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This is a pathetic attempt a slippery slope. There are good reasons to not have TC/IP in a game that has had plenty of hacks in the past and made possible because of things like TC/IP and open battlenet.

They’re not going to remove hardcore, singleplayer, or etc. This is just weak.

I do, and I have access to others wayyyyyy more intelligent than I.
This is easy stuff.
I’m just here waiting, and I think everyone got the answers they needed for that side of things.

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D2Resurrected is essentially a really big modded version of D2LOD. On top of graphical updates, tons and tons of things are modded in comparison to the original game.

So, which is it? Are mods good or bad?


From a business perspective, you want mods. ESPECIALLY on a game that you pay once to play. There are MANY people who won’t buy Resurrected simply because they can’t play their favorite multiplayer mod on the new graphics and now we’re finding out that the creator of PlugY can’t even do it for single player due to legality reasons. Your comment is literally filled to the brim with ignorance.


you can still play together over internet. if you dont have internet… well… most people do so :slight_smile: better try some other game then!

TCP/IP removal was for our, the player base benefit, no?
They said there was some security concern with TCP/IP, and if removing it will keep the taliban et al away then would not this a good thing be? :thinking:

The security concern is an excuse.
If there was a real security concern, how could they ever justify keeping it in original D2 here and now.

Also, if there were security concerns… how about replacing it with a modern P2P function. So many games out there have P2P. Our computers are not melting down because of that either.

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1- mods would be mods, not reverse engineered codes.
2- tcp ip removal it’s for security, unless someone could implement secure tcp ip enviroment with usage of autoritative server, like any client server arch does, should be off the table. Not because messes with LAN party, because messes with everyone who plays the game. Doesn’t matter if it’s single, lan, private server or blizzard realms.
Think this way, the same way the community created mods allowed hacks, bots and cheats that destroyed online experience for everyone, that could compromise several clients OS and their servers OS. Because d2 hadn’t support for mods, were reverse engineered the as those “3rd party”. Some done good, but others done bad, while folks please mods they forgotten that by using it they’re exposing their pc at risk because unless they check it they will never know if the code behind it’s malicious or not.
3- if you read the legal section on battlenet you would understand how mods and modded servers could work following their guidelines, but so far those same didn’t done anything stated there, at least on forums.

They will not mess with d2, at least for now, maybe never. But d2r it’s for sure a thing they would fight back to keep control.

So unless they change their minds, you could do lan parties as usual on d2 like you always did. While eventually they could get a different option on d2r, mostly would use at least a minimal amount of internet to ensure an autoritative server.

Because the lack of it would create the reverse engineered codes all over again, instead of modded codes they would use reverse engineered modded codes. The first the security are on their end, the second you only know if the code is secure if you check the code by yourself. D2 mods were result of reverse engineered codes, which led also the creaton of hacks, bots and cheats. D2R would be only mods in a plataform that allows it.

That’s why the removal of tcp-ip benefits everybody, even if negatively impacts on lan parties, it’s a trade-off for the sake of all d2r users who would not put their pc at risk by someone injecting malicious codes on their machines by their consent or not. Because unless you never use internet on the specific pc and never do anything else, you should be safe, but the game itself requires at least periodic internet connection which would unable you to play in that machine anyways.

I didn’t even mentioned the fact that it’s a digital license and that abide by their digital licensing rules.

Most of the stuff would be answered if folks read their legal session and would know what expect and not expect based on it.

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No. Not really!!!