Removal of TCP/IP - a slippery slope

While I personally haven´t planned on using TCP/IP I´m still really concerned about that removal.

Why? Because:

  1. It was promised to us
  2. It removes a feature from D2 and making D2R (in this specific situation) a worse product than D2
  3. Warcraft Reforged

Most of us remember the promises we got for W3R and then look how it turned out. Yes, the Devs are a different team - the exec people in decision are the same!

So be careful guys and care about the TCP/IP removal, even if you personally don´t need it.

We have to be vocal about that, because what could potentially happen next?

Singleplayer removal?
Hardcore removal?

Not saying anyone should refund now - please just watch out. If we´re not vocal about this, it could happen to parts of the game YOU really care about too.


Or… Or… just or!.. Or it could be the fact the developers understand how the game works and know it’s smarter to remove an obvious vulnerability in the game?!


The primary function adopted by the D2 community for TCP/IP connectivity was for modding and they have already vocally declared they will be supporting the modding community and making it easier for them to do their thing.

Online play, especially private servers, are a big thing to the D2 modding community and Vicarious Visions knows this. I’m not saying that I know for a fact they included anything to replace TCP/IP but they’re aware modders and mod users need something to be able to play with one another in said mods.

Chill out and wait till the game is out before you make baseless claims or try and stir up some form of sensationalized rhetoric nonsense. Use the other threads on this matter as well. We don’t need martyrs and it’s actually considered spam and against the forum Code of Conduct to create multiple threads on the same topics.


Yes well I think Blizzard, regardless of the Warcraft III Reforged debacle, know full well how important Diablo II is and I don’t think they will leave us high and dry, really I don’t. I know people are angry at the moment, especially about the ladder and I can kinda understand why people are concerned that maybe their words are hollow but I don’t think they will do us wrong with D2R, really I do have faith in Blizzard for this one and it would be cool if others could too.


I mean seriously. Everyone’s attacking Vicarious Visions like they’re a clear and present threat.

Why is everyone so quick to burn down the chapel before they know the truth!? It’s like they’re searching for a reason to be upset. There’s no rationale for any of the flaming against the exclusion of ladder at launch and the removal of TCP/IP - it’s all flame for the sake of flaming.

I promise if people do some research prior to posting and keep a level head about themselves, the truth would be so much more apparent. - For those who wish to be in-the-know anyway. There’s obviously a handful of folks who are here purely to burn the place down because they can.


It´s not VV who decides these kind of things.

Its also not developers fault that W3R launched in its horrid state. Its suits who are doing some risk analysis, fearing they loose profit out of it. These people likely don´t even know what Diablo looks like.

Tell me how will you play with your mates at a LAN party with your moded/single player chars without TCP/IP?

You don´t know?

Then please stop telling me or anybody else we´re just here to make drama.
This is a serious issue for a part of our community - don´t be so egoistic.


It actually is. Everyone seems to think that Activision is this giant corporate entity with a god’s hand on every single thing that Activision Blizzard does - and that’s incorrect.

Activision has the final decision on how much money gets spent on their products and they control whether or not to cut or add something based on the money it’ll generate or cost.

Diablo 2 Resurrected isn’t a cash cow. It is a one time purchase that will generate no more money after 2-3 years and therefore has no logical reason for Activision to interfere in its development.

Furthermore, TCPIP is an immensely dangerous feature as far as security goes because it can do things that would make most security companies heads spin with fear.

Great, you automatically said I don’t know and therefore I will end further explaining anything for you. Saves me a lot of trouble to learn quickly you’re not willing to learn. Enjoy your time here, maybe someone else will talk to you.


I´m so sorry!

Ofc you do so! So please share your knowledge with us :slight_smile:


Sorry, but I disagree with you there. While I’ve wanted more than a reskin myself of Diablo 2, I have been at least supportive of the endeavor to reskin the current version and hope for some updating down the line. I figured, at worst, a reskin of the already current game was at least going to stick to how I would eventually play it anyways. However, removal of a feature I use (tcp/ip) and learning of ladders not being in launch (not even by the devs themselves, but by a comment on reddit by a CM) during the same day, was rather worrisome considering the current situation the whole company is in as well as this beast known as WC3 remaster. People are also concerned about ladders not at launch, because a big part of the game’s full itemization is locked behind them. They have a right to be upset and concerned.

Now, I do hope they give some actual official information soon, and will reserve full judgement there, and I would hope that they would replace tcp/ip for at least players in the same household to play SP characters together, but the whole ladder debacle only reinforces the belief that so much of the game should not be gated behind a single, timed mode, and I hope the devs are taking strong note of this community blowback, if they want to keep promoting making the game more accessible in the long run.


I too am concerned about the removal. I don’t see it as so much of a security concern as it is a loss of revenue for Blizzard. I’m sure they have monetization plans for the online portion of the game, cosmetics and other things, and they would lose big money if they just let players make their own servers, their own settings, etc.

The unfortunate thing is that this is what gave the game such diversity and end game. Rather than sticking to just a Season approach, the game had many different ways to play, and Blizzard really empowered the user to play the game they wanted to. Now, they’re taking that away, and I fear it’s just because of loss of money-making potential above all else. What does everyone else think?


Which is exactly the thing I mentioned earlier. We have no idea whether or not they’ll replace the feature - but as I have stated –

Also, it should not come as a surprise at all their decision to do a later launch of ladder and they have already confirmed why they are doing as such.

They want the servers to reach equilibrium before they go live with ladder as there are several contributing factors to why they’re doing so.

1: Server stability
2: Preventing the need for rollbacks due to a bug or server explosion
3: If the server explodes or lags supremely bad, there’s the probability items can get duped due to the nature of the way Diablo 2 works with its network backend.

This isn’t to say it can happen or will happen but is a probability if the game behaves the same way it did prior to D2R.


True, they wanted to keep it.

Not quite. It removes a feature from D2R. It does NOT remove a feature from D2(2000) or LoD(2001).

Was a disaster. Unfinished, and they killed the original game from being played as it was. Blizzard is not touching D2(2000) or LoD(2001). This is critical.

No matter what they do with D2R, the original is untouched and playable just as it is.

They are keeping that. You can play offline once you authenticate once, or with updates.

PLEASE NOTE: An Internet connection is required to download the client and play the test. The final game will support offline play in single-player mode, but you will be required to connect to the Internet periodically to check for updates.

That would be a stretch. There are no pets, mounts, or cosmetics in D2 and Blizzard does not sell gear/power.

Nope. That is core to gameplay and not going anywhere.

The issues with TCP/IP are all about security and hacking issues.

Even the old official website Arreat Summit had warnings that Open Bnet which uses that to connect two PCs, was not safe.

During Alpha they got the data in - and yeah it was a bad move for them and for us. I would rather NOT have as many cheaters, to be honest.

You won’t be doing it with D2R. You will have to do it with D2 (2000) and LOD(2001).


While extremely common several years ago, direct TCP/IP has faded into a rare feature in modern multiplayer games.

Remember IPX network games? Oh boy! KaliDOS/95 made those games fuuuun! :smiley:

Crappiest game netcode (IMO) award goes to… Duke Nukem 3D!


Removal of this also hurts more than the original intended use. From what I’ve seen, this will affect speedrunners like Llama in their ability to change maps on SP normal difficulty. While speedrunning isn’t my thing, this affects more people than realized. Even Llama himself didn’t realize on his posting video of the beta blog, until it was pointed out to him on reddit.


Well, speed running will still be a thing in D2:R, maybe just not as fast as OGD2 because some of the old tricks are no longer available.

Speedrunning is not really my thing either. I’m in no rush, and I don’t care to chase records.

im not entirely sure what the security reason behind the tcp-ip removal is.
from what i understand the single player game uses the orginal games save files with all the duping and exploits intact,

where as the multiplayer game uses a completely different save file system.

there must be some sort of issue with having the tcp-ip system either somehow reveal the secruity behind the the save files or something…

im not really sure… it seems to me that they could just use the old tcp-ip method, i really don’t see what the issue is… but they are also keeping us in the dark about the networking security from the game so its harder to break.

it could just be them cutting it because it would be more work to get safely working. or it could be a legitimate security concern. for now I’m willing to believe its a legitimate security concern.

i dont have an issue with bad news and long as there is a decent reason behind it.

if it DOES pose a security concern i am ok with… but it makes me wonder… wil there be an “open”?


Without going into too much detail as it is sensitive matter, it provides a tunnel directly to the user’s computer and network.


Yeah, not really my thing since I really don’t consider it playing the game. Despite that, I do enjoy watching some speedruns on classic games. However, I did use it myself when rerolling maps on SP to farm certain areas.


It will be interesting to see what kind of solution Blizzard has in store both for mod support, and allowing mods to play multiplayer.


He can consider it a new challenge :slight_smile: Working out the quirks of how to most efficiently run a game is fun, and he is not losing the ability to do so in the original. He just has a new one to learn too.

Well that is the issue. Only CLOSED Bnet has the saves online where Blizz can keep them free of hacking.

TCP/IP and Open Bnet both connect computers directly and use the offline saves that can be modified by anyone.

What is an Open Character?
Open Characters are stored locally on your own computer and, while you can set up games and chat over, you cannot play these characters on a Diablo II Realm. In an Open Game, one player’s computer is the game server, while the other players connect to it. Since Blizzard cannot be responsible for the locally stored characters, or the servers upon which the games are played, Open Games are more vulnerable than Realm Games to certain forms of manipulation and abuses by other players. The big advantage of Open Games, however, is that you can bring your Single-Player Characters onto You can play with your friends over and then continue playing that character in Single Player as often as you want.

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True that - I might havent communicated that correctly.
What I was trying to say is that it has one feature less than D2 and it got “removed” in the way that is was planned to be in, but it isn´t now.

Well yeah, that was stated previously.
And I really hope that´s still the case.

But since they removed one promised feature, it makes sense to be worried that there might be more to follow.