Release in december was basicly confirmed

The title. They said that current d2 season is last before D2R. Seasons are usualy half of the year long so thats pretty much confirmation we will have D2R in december when season usualy ends. And i really dont believe they will make D2 season shorter because as they said, its last season before the transfer to D2R so for many its kind of special season they want to enjoy.

And i dont think they will release in middle of D2 season too.

So thats leave us with december.

What do i think about beta? My prediction is 2 week-month closed beta very soon and then two months open beta.


I’m guessing beta will probably be 2-3 months after the start of the ladder. So August-September maybe.

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Well yeah its possible they will even skip closed beta. I dont know why but i have feeling that they had issue with something or they are implement new QoL changes as i belive we Already should have MP closed alpha. Also they might skip closed alpha/beta because of hate after alpha was given to mostly streamers.

I think the beta will be long as they want to eliminate maximum number of issues and there is big potential for exploits as its running on old game base.

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It wouldn’t make any sense for them to do a closed beta. The game has been out for 21 years, there’s no reason for them to close it off to those that wish to participate.

IMO they they will want as many as possible to participate to make sure the servers can handle the load and to make sure everything is working correctly.

If that is indeed their goal to get as many to participate as possible, they’re going to want to run the beta during a lull time between seasons of their other games.

Distribution of the beta will of course be the biggest hurdle given the size of the game, so they’ll need to pre-seed many locations for distribution prior to opening it up so their network isn’t slammed… Because it will be if they don’t.


There is the reason, unless they want to run short stress test, its not smart to operate servers (money issue and logistics) for milions 6 months before release.

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The servers are virtualized and very likely dynamic, so they can light up as many servers that they need, everything is automatic (or should be anyway). I’m sure they have plenty of extra server infrastructure ready to go for both peak times and carryover if racks go down for whatever reason.

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They have sometimes issues with server even with established games. Overwatch has frequent issues in new big patches as you wait in long queue. They had same issues in diablo 3.

So i doubt they will decide to run servers 6 months before release for possible milions of players which can create a lot of issues.

But I would say they can make battle net open for limited number of players in closed beta and others will be able to play as open beta only single player.

If they don’t test it with a high load, there are bound to be issues when the game is released… I’m sure Blizzard wants a smooth launch for D2:R, they don’t want to have to put the game on hold shortly after release to fix issues that may take a while to hammer out. An open beta would be the smart move to ensure a smooth launch for D2:R.

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Well yeah but long open MP beta 6 months before release? I am not the IT guy, but even virtual servers do cost money right? :slight_smile:

Todays servers don’t break a sweat hosting Diablo 2. Systems are well over 1000 times faster than they were back in 2000. The original game is still the beating heart of D2:R.

Virtual servers cost money to run. You need the server infrastructure of course. The others are services such as power, internet and of course the IT staff to keep everything running.


Or they can just cut the last season, and release the game as they planned when it’s ready before 6 months.

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While I can see them announcing final ladder reset before release can be concerning, they did say the ladders would not have same cadence. Og will be that 6 monthish it has been, but D2R will have shorter ones, thus this reset should have no bearing on release.

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All this says is that D2: R will release sometime after the Ladder reset of June 11th, not necessarily after the Ladder ends which is usually beginning of December. Since they have said that it will be releasing 2nd half of the year it will be between July 1st to December 31st. Beta will probably be sometime this month, or July. Release will probably be sometime after that depending on how much work they’ll have to do on the feedback from the Beta. That would put release anywhere between August to December! :slight_smile:


They also SAID in the SAME POST that the D2R seasons will NOT coincide with D2 classis seasons…they will be on SEPERATE timers…so NO that post didn’t confirm ANYTHING


Haven’t you people noticed every game that does not have a release date yet shows December ? That’s normal.


This doesnt change anything what I said. If current ladder season will end december 27, we can already have announced D2R season starting few days after. Just a few days wil make separated timers. It doesnt have to be months, htey just most likely wanted clarify that it will not be in exactly same time.

Not that any of this matters but for discussion D2R is slated for 3 month seasons and D2 is 6 months atm. I don’t think it would be too bright to have the start times near each other but then again D2R will be the go to so doesn’t matter really.

This is the last reset so it’s a 6 month window for D2R, nothing we didn’t already know :slight_smile:

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It does change what you state as a fact, though. There is a flaw in your logic being that you seem to think we have to wait until after the next D2 season ends before D2R can launch. What the post really says is that on June 11th we will have the last reset before D2R. Meaning a potential release date is from June - December.

Now I don’t have any strong meanings around when the actual release will be, but saying that it has to be in December based on that post is factually wrong


Dont you think it would be weird that they said its last season before D2R and then for example in middle of season released D2R season? Why not just let everyone finish their season and then people can decide if they want to go to fresh d2 or d2r season. It just does make sence to me more than releasing D2R in middle of D2 Season.

Perhaps, I’m not sure. To me it wouldn’t matter either way, because I think the vast majority of people would quit D2 season on the spot to pick up D2R. My point was not what seems most reasonable between those two, but that one cannot present a December release as a fact based on the information given.

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