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I really don’t like these forum posting rules and this is the only work around… anyways, here’s how I wanted to respond to your question:

Sure have, it’s an improvement, but it still lacks. I just theory crafted this setup a few minutes ago:


I know that you created a strictly WT setup (minus BT) and tried it, but I think that BT is a necessity for density. WT + AD doesn’t seem to be sufficient for clearing mobs.

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After that last post I did a 115, quite easily, and then missed a 120 by ~5 seconds. Maybe I’ll give a BT setup a shot, though I do think that your setup will do less damage since you drop Trapped… might just have to go a bit glassy, and take Trapped over Esoteric.

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Agreed. I’ll definitely try Trapped and Zei’s ( I sure hate being glassy tho). If you do give it a run, let me know how it goes for you. I won’t trying this out for another 2 weeks or so.

I would definitely like to see ‘weapon throw’ get some useful attention. Maybe work it into Raekor’s and give the player the choice of going weapon throw or boulder toss.

Or make it useful enough for the IK or LoD/LoN sets. We have a frenzy set and frenzy lod/lon build, some form or bash, cleave, or bash+cleave build (IK and LoD/LoN). Even then, they need some attention as well. Frenzy needs damage mitigation and bash, cleave or bash+cleave need buffs to be relevant. Give the Barb more options for primary ability builds.

Maybe all of this could be done as part of a seasonal theme and see how players react.

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I don’t know, I have mixed feeling about a barbarian where his main skill is throwing stuff. A barbarian to me is someone that inflicts physical damage. Not throwing :poop: around. But that’s just me.

Variety, it’s the spice of life.


Every barbarian tribe had throwing weapons, spears and axes, you name it. Yeah, granted the ‘go to’ method is to bash your face in and pound you into the ground while rendering you limb from limb, but you can’t deny the usefulness of a skillfully thrown weapon. The real reason for having 2 axes, you can throw one of them and still be in melee scrum. Plus the enemy has weapons too, so throw your axe and pick up one of theirs.

True, fantasy Barbarians are 2-handed groundpounders or 2-weapon berzerkers, not tossing around weapons like someone afraid to get too close to the action. You know, might chip a fingernail, right?


It could have a stacking mechanic. Every enemy you hit gives a dmg bump up to x enemy hit. On a legendary item. Or something along those lines.

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Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad OP and Free are theory crafting another build, it’s what keeps this game exciting. Just personally, I feel a Barbarian is in your face brut and it’s hard for me to see him kiting around like a DH. But like Dieharder said, variety is the spice of life. Keep up the great work Dieharder and Free.

Why is there such a disparity in DPS between WT/H90 and H90?


DPS: 13,600,531,527,214
Damage: 1,473,390,915,448


H90 Main:

DPS: 172,989,909,861,631
Damage: 1,951,681,034,336


I’m actually not seeing the exact numbers you’re presenting here. But, the exact numbers aren’t really that important. Your question is basically: why does H90 Frenzy do more damage than IK5H902 Weapon Throw… right?

Well, the H90 6-piece gives you 101x, and the IK 6-piece only 41x. So that’s 2.46x in favor of Frenzy. Then, for weapons, WT gets 3x (Arreat’s) * 3x (300th) * 3x (Oathkeeper), for 27x total, while Frenzy gets 11x (Bastion’s) * 3x (Oathkeeper) * 5x (Undisputed) = 165x. So that’s about 6x in favor of Frenzy. And, 2.46 * 6 = about 15x in favor of H90 Frenzy.

There are a few things working in favor of WT that lessen the disparity a little bit, but that’s most of where that difference comes from.

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I was able to clear GR 115 (3:12 remainig) w/ this H90/WT variant.



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Nice work!

Yeah, IK + H90 and IK + Aughild seem about equal, I did 117 with both back in the S26 PTR.

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Which one do you perfer to play?

I think I prefer Aughild.

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Rage, I got to thinking about Weapon Throw + Broken Promises (using Mighty Throw for it’s 1.0 proc rate), so I created a video (it looks promising, pun not intended). It took 3 seconds after WotB was activated for BP to proc, then it took 7 seconds for BP to proc a 2nd time and the 3rd time it took another 3 seconds for BP to proc. With WotB down, it seem to proc every 2 seconds. Can you work your arithmetic and share if this is a good combination?

So, with the minimum 5% CHC, the odds of getting 5 consecutive non-crits (and thus proccing Broken Promises) is about 77%. But, with the extra 10% CHC from WotB, that chance falls to only 44%. So WotB kind of screws up the use of BP.

If you want to try and make BP work, at least as well as it can, I think you want to try it in a LoN/LoD setup, and not use WotB at all.

Do you think that

would significantly perform IK? And if so, which in your opinion would the best route to go (I’ve never dabbled with either setup? Thanks Rage!

Well, I think that just running IK, without Broken Promises, will be a stronger setup than any that uses BP. Not necessarily by a whole lot, but by some margin.

But if actually using BP, yeah, I think using WotB, which is required for the IK set, just messes up the ability of BP to proc.

As for LoD vs LoN, I think you probably want to go LoD. Otherwise there’s no way to fit in BoM which could lead to some serious toughness issues, even if you’re using Stone Gauntlets + Aquilla + Mortick’s (which would not always be active).

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