Blizz, Please Resurrect IK6R4 Vile Charge

I’ll keep it brief.

This is a much-loved classic Barb build, that just needs some extra damage to be viable again. It did 135 @10k paragon before the follower patch, which would be 138-139 now. Increasing the R4 Charge bonus from 1000% to 3000% or 4000% would give 7-9 GRs worth of extra power, which would put it at 145-148 @10k paragon, in-line with Leapquake, Frenzy, and IK HOTA, and weaker than Rend, LoD HOTA, or the new R6 Spear.

The book is open for this build right now, and it would be so easy to make it good (and not OP) again.


Agreed, the Charge barb playstyle seems right up my alley. They could’ve just buffed Raekor numbers and made the set relevant as I6R4.

Unfortunately it seems like the remaining devs are all newcomers who aren’t even aware of the existence of a classic build like Charge. The same can be said of other classics like Fan of Knives, Manald Heal archon, or Gen Monk.

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Items like Standoff and Vile Ward could also be looked at and bumped up a bit. I do like Standoff with the movement speed addition

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I like Standoff and VW too, but it’s more work to increase three numbers than just increasing one. But I’d be totally fine with them just jacking up Standoff rather than R4 Charge%… whatever gets the job done!

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Yeah, might be too late for this. Charge damage buff is the easiest solution. And standoff/vw is still good to use. But just an idea that they could potentially bump those numbers. Speeding around with charge is fun though, farmed t10 a lot some seasons ago


yeah back in s5-7ish I mained Charge Barb. Man long ago.

Just hope they buff charge damage as Rage suggested. Using standoff/vile charge and just speed charge around… It’s fun.

I really do like the damage buff Rage suggests here. I hope this will at least be considered with the developer team.


And they need to do something about the DR.

Big +1

IK6 Vile Charge is 1 of my all time favourite barb builds, 2nd only to WW

Would love to see it viable again.

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The DR for Vile Charge is really not bad. Perma Together-as-One and Perma Wrath/Morticks. Plus if you need to you can run Esoteric instead of Wreath, it’s a damage loss but not a huge one.

I like the idea of putting DR on Vile Ward and increasing its damage to 90%.

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i would love to be able to farm with vile charge again, gives the barb more variaty and not locking us into ww all the time…also i just like charging stuff xD

Sign me up. classic charge was my favorite build and I pray someday it will return. I was so excited hearing that the barb was getting love and then so disappointed when I actually played this atrocity of a build.

Its not fun. Its a lot of work just to be the worst ranged class in the game,

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Yeah this could be one of the reasons they decided not to put a dr on the 4pc bonus of the raekor set.
Or maybe jusr remake the vileward to directly increase charge damage like sequential charge get 200-300% damage increase from the previous one, stacks max 3 times.

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That sounds good to me and add DR.

The 6p of IK can be buffed too but the margin is smaller.

IK HOTA has done 149. Not much room for buffing there.

Actually, I have an idea. Remove the “Call of the Ancient now has Ancient Fury Rune” part from the Fury of the Ancient shoulder, only increases the Ancients attack speed; and instead add an damage reduction to the 6 pc of the IK set: “When you have both Wraith of the Berserker and Call of the Ancient are active, you gain 50% damage reduction and deal x000 more damage”.
Then now they can add a 50% dr to the 4pc set of the Raekor: Furious Charge give you 50% damage reduction while charging and 3 seconds after that.

Fellas, you’re making this more complicated and confusing than it needs to be. If they just add some DR to Raekor 4-piece, and increase the Charge damage there too, this build will be in really good shape.

I’m usually up for a good into-the-weeds theorycraft. But the odds that they’ll give us even that simple change are already not great. The chance that they’ll do a deep dive on multiple different items, with no time to test those changes on a PTR, seems… very low.

That said, I’m not Blizzard, so who the hell knows what we’ll get. Just think about the sort of late-in-the-game PTR changes we’ve seen before, and try to keep your expectations realistic.

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