Quite disapointed

Why the season hasen’t ended as planned?
I mean I’m not a leaderboard pushing player or anything but I thought ah… today Igot things to do and in evening I would have time but season ends so what’s the point ofpushing again…
Then I saw it is still on would have been good to told players hey btw we will end it another day…
Anyway it’s just a videogame… but still this is bad management bad communication.


The Blizz Tracker has these as the first three posts…

One of which is a sticky at the top of General Discussion.
Where else do you want them to tell you?

The problem is we have to keep re-checking on OUR terms to see if it’s fixed. As they won’t notify you in any way.

Some will decide to check in minutes, other hours or days. But you come back, and it’s still not done, then it gets disappointing.

Better they say, here’s a new schedule, +1 day as before, or +3 or +1 week, or whatever they need. Then we can stop re-checking and do other things. Hopeful that when we come back, we won’t be disappointed.

Because as it is, I could be conservative and come 1 day later, and they might still fail in my eyes, then I come the next day, and they fail again. When they could have just told me, come back +1 week.


They must be busy working on those patch notes which have loads of changes to them.

Never known this to happen before, can’t get rid of it.