Question for people boycotting diablo immortal

due to its predatory in-game shop

do you also not go to las vegas or gamble ever? (serious question)

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in addition to a slim chance of winning actual money gambling offers you free drinks and an all you can eat shrimp bar for $4.99 DI has none of that


If I told you you were going to spend 500k to 1m to have a digital Barbie would you want one? I would avoid any place that offered that. But Vegas offered a chance to loose your money while holding on to the dream of getting theirs. I’m sorry you think those are the same thing. It’s not though. You have no chance of getting anything more than a digital Barbie to play with.



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I’m reliably informed that the correct answer to this is…
What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.


Paying for some pixels is not the same as gambling, including buying lotto ticket.

With gambling chances are very slim to win, but at least you can win something real.

D:I nothing is yours, all belongs to blizzard.
D:I gets you a virtual well dressed dolly that is not even yours…


This is beginning to sound even more like Vegas.


The difference is, when you win at LV or gambling, you expect something in return. DI gives nothing you can’t get from playing a game that cost 60 dollars.

I don’t.

but at least if I did gamble when I won I would win money, and not an item in a video game.


One would have to make a conscience effort of going to Las Vegas and are 100% aware they are there to gamble. They play a game of chance with real money on the line. If you’re a stooge and watched a Casino commercial and believe you will make it big, this is a whole other problem.

D:I and other games of the like, you make a conscience effort to download an app that looks like a fun game to play while on the throne due to advertisements, and are made to believe you aren’t gambling. You then realize you got nothing you wanted out of those lootboxes you spent money on because the game keeps reminding you that you’re missing out if you don’t have it in the next 6 hours.

Don’t bring up trading cards in sealed packs. This is not the same thing. (Serious request)


Never been to Vegas, but been to a casino, once. It was depressing watching old people yank slot machines while they pissed away their meager retirements.

But even then, at least they had free drinks (weak, but free) and a chance to win real money.

I’ll play poker, but that is NOT the same has a game of pure chance. I’ve won at poker (and lost to much better players), but I treat it as entertainment, and if you understand the math, the odds, and how to read people, it can be great fun and involves more skill than chance. I don’t usually even do that much.

Vegas I hear also has amazing shows.

The most important difference? Vegas, and every other casino, will not allow people under 18-21 in the building (usually 21 in the US). D:I is aiming at them, inviting them, COUNTING on them.


Excellent point. The young’ins with daddies credit card.


Besides the young ones casino’s depending on where they are located are also regulated in many other ways, like having to disclose the odds, in quite a few countries allow people to ban themselves or be banned from them if addictive problems, hell even in some countries to make sure people can afford to lose huge sums if go over a certain amount and be required to put some of their income to prevent gaming addiction.

Self regulation of industries is the preferred option for government after government in my country, but that only works if the industries take it seriously and sometimes you do need to step in. Gaming industry and software industry with the way it has been going has been showing they are not mature enough to self regulate with D:I as a new low. Well pretty sure most people have not been following this, but the EU ministers of Finance came together earlier this week and have proposed EU wide regulation of the crypto branch to protect investors and make them better working markets.

Politics is slowly wising up to the risks of software as free services and virtual currencies that are not free as was also shown in privacy regulations EU introduced a few years ago and gambling in games does seem to be gathering momentum as well as being seen as a Wild West marketplace. I do suspect the industry just has a short time window left before the EU will start to impose rules, since they are unwilling to do so themselves and go for max profit whatever the cost to others.

Yeah that regulation will likely go way further and will cut deeper into the what games can do than if the sector would self regulate and might even look at gaming addiction itself instead of just gambling. Always wiser to self regulate to keep the sweet profits going as force politics to step in and look at the whole and decide that it might be better to regulate some other parts as well since they are now interfering in that industry anyway, so they do not need to pay attention to it again in a year or so. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Many nations in the EU are looking at rules modeled after the two who have (Netherlands and Belgium), and that has pushed the EU to consider it as well. Report released the day before D:I’s release by a major EU study group on the industry, and calls followed soon after for regulation.

The US, it will take a while…

I am from The Netherlands and Spain is actually looking to go further and basically regulate lootboxes themselves whether they are gambling or not and also are looking at the game addiction aspect created on purpose. Always dangerous to wake that sleeping lion that is government, since they have more interests as just one when start looking at a sector to regulate.

Freedom is cool, but a little restraint would be nice, lest the entire country goes to hell.

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That is the idea about self regulation indeed. That industries do that themselves and show self control.

Then again of course we never had a verdict in EU that a public company was obligated to make max profit short term for its shareholders, but have in law that any board of a public company has to keep in mind all stakeholders of that public company, which includes amongst others shareholders, customer, personnel, suppliers and even within reason society at large and always should go for a healthy long term profit for the company as a whole. So a very different expectation and demands, even if of course shareholder profit is a key thing over here as well as a board you can not hide behind that to make immoral decisions just for more short-term profit.

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Me getting to Vegas, from my balkanic country, would still cost me less, then maxing out a character in Immortal. And I have a higher chance of comeing home whit more money. In D:I if I spend money, I can only lose.


It is not about gambling. It is not even about spending money. Pretty much every leisure activity costs some money. It’s about being manipulative in getting you to spend that money, like so many mobile games. It seems people on this forum are not having that problem though, so I am not sure why all the fuss. I have enjoyed the game myself. I have tried a few of the classes and am still working through the campaign, so that is probably why I am still enjoying it. From what I have heard, you get to a certain point and then the game is over, unless you want to spend money. I am fine with that. I didn’t spend a dime, so when the game is over, I will move on. Full disclosure: I did get caught up in spending around $1000 a few years ago on a mobile game, and that was an expensive lesson to learn. I had fun while playing it, but eventually you realize there is always someone else who has a lot more money than you so you can’t possibly compete. So, enjoy the game until you don’t enjoy it any longer, then move on.

You know the thing is nobody is holding your arm behind back to P2W. I play it and have really enjoy playing it. Plus I still haven spend any money on it. The thing is people are making 100’s of these hate threads, but they really don’t care what you have to say.