Public Rift games error 24004

Any one had these issues Error code 24004 when trying to join a Publice rift . locks up page on occasions .

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I am also having this issue for over a week. I have spoken to other NZ players and they are having the same issue.

It seems that NZ players can not join public RIFT games. Every other mode is fine. We get the error 24004.

Please help track the issue down by providing the information requested here…

I get this code only on a T8 Great Rift game. I can play any other “T” Level with no problems. I’m here on the east coast of the US. It doesn’t matter what character I use.

If I go to my Non-Seasson character no problem on T8 GR. It is only on a seasonal character. Plus it doesn’t matter which account I use too. It does it on both of them.

So don’t try to tell me it has nothing to do with the server. Because my internet connection doesn’t have any problem with any other part of the game. Plus it has been this way for weeks too.

Like I said I play GR’s on T1 to T7 & T9 to T16 no problems.

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One other thing I just had my grand daughter try her account. I did it the same thing GR T8. and she doesn’t live with me either.

Im getting the 24004 error but only on public rift games. GRs and Bounties are OK. Solo games are OK.

Getting same error on rift T10 public game