PTR Raekor changes incoming

See blue tracker with link to PTR patch notes.

The Babarian is the only one who got something new this PTR. To utilise the 4p mechanic is something for the better players. Nothing I will bother with. Sometime they pull a little change in with a ptr update. But this time I guess no new item/set changes are added.

So Raekor is an ancient spear build set now.
Also we can test weapon throw LoD barb as fun spec, I guess.

LOL every time barb request a change we have received said change.

I guess they will change the 4pc damage bonus at some point to a DR value. Interesting to see how Rage Flip works with the 6pc bonus.

Weapon Throw LoD build doesn’t sound that strong. Only has 4 mediocre sources of DMG multipliers. Arreat’s Law, The Three hundred Spear, Oathkeeper and Depth Diggers.

With this rework, Raekor keeps the wall-charging gameplay that is the main problem of this build. I am disappointed …

There is even a topic on our forum to propose a rework of this set. If Blizzard didn’t have an idea, they could have watched.


They should rework the charge mechanic for sure. I hope enough people support the idea so we can see a change.

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Sounds cool. No idea what the damage will be like. I can visualize the effects though. Imagine as you are ramming into packs of mobs with charge, at impact, a chain of 3 ancient spears projects outwards.

The set should buff WT, otherwise the buff on both spears is not much outside of an lod/lon biuld. The 5500/stack and special effect should apply to WT too.

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My first run with the new Raekor :

My first run with this build so not the best gameplay, I forgot to refresh my Battle rage and War Cry :stuck_out_tongue: .


Hey man, thanks for posting video. Just watched your 125 as well. Really interesting setup you used. F+R w/ BoM in cube, wearing Pride of Cassius, cubed Stone Gauntlets. Zei - Stricken - Gizzard. BR: StP instead of Bloodshed. I guess this is the “definitely don’t use the missing life bonus” setup!

Just a note, I think that with this build, in a push, it’s probably advantageous to just Charge the Rift Guardian for the first chunk of the fight. That builds up the Stricken stacks a lot faster. For this setup, it’s probably: charge for the first 30-45 seconds of the fight, then start alternating charges and boulders. For a Crimson / CoE setup, it’s probably: charge during off cycles, boulder during damage cycle.

Anyway, good stuff, keep it up!

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Ok I’ll do differently on the bosses :slight_smile: .

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Did any of you test other runes than boulder toss? I know it is a dps loss, but wanted to hear.

One run with Jagged Edge’s rune and 0% fire on my gear :

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but around the 3 minute mark, there seems to be some weirdness where Boulders aren’t contacting enemies that are placed below the player. Anyone else notice that?

This is really interesting. A few thoughts:

  • I think I get what they’re going for with the missing Life mechanic. About 6 minutes into your GR, you’re facing off with an elite succubus, and she’s hammering you with affixes. Your life drops pretty low, but you’re also able to stand and return fire. That’s kind of exciting, ya know? With this build, you’re encouraged to get gutsy and stay in the thick of things even when you’re on the razor’s edge.
  • Jagged Edge looks like a blast! All those spears! All that chaos!
  • Did they remove the animation cancel from wall-charge? I might be wrong, but during the RG fight when you’re wall-charging, it doesn’t seem any different from other charges in terms of speed.
  • The build’s damage isn’t where it needs to be, but it doesn’t seem terrible. Spitballing here, but seems like it needs another 5-8 GRs worth of damage split up between its items.

Arnosega, can you break down in detail your setups for each build? How many CDR rolls for you to keep perma-IP? Thanks in advance, and double thanks for posting the videos.

Someone, anyone: Please post a GR using Rage Flip :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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The first 2 videos were made with a lot of lag so it can come from there.

You need 56,74% CDR for perma Ignore Pain - Iron Hide.

You can play :

  • Raekor 6p
  • Pride of Cassius (in the leaderboard I saw someone wearing the Hour of Crime + Mortik’s Brace and in the cube Skular’s Salvation)
  • Squirt’s Neclace
  • Bastions Will set
  • Skular’s Salvation
  • Arreat’s Law + The Three Hundreth Spear
  • Cube : Furnace + Stone Gauntlet + Band of Might
  • Bane of Striken + Bane of Trapped + Zei’s Stone of Vengeance (it is the most used trio, you are free to try something else)

Or :

  • Raekor 5p
  • Captain Crimson’s Trimming 2p
  • Squirt’s Neclace
  • Convention of Elements + Band of Might
  • Skular’s Salvation (in the leaderboard I saw Mortik’s Brace and in the cube Skular’s Salvation)
  • Arreat’s Law + The Three Hundreth Spear
  • Cube : Furnace + Pride of Cassius + Ring of Royal Grandeur
  • Bane of Striken + Bane of Trapped + Zei’s Stone of Vengeance
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I just made one with R6, cassius, hellfire amulet, focus/restraint. Did a 131 very very smoothly. The clear time was wack because I got a boss I couldn’t really fight with charge very well so it took 5 minutes.

Well then just like that a 150 is cleared. Better hope more don’t start clearing 150 or it won’t get a buff.

I think with 15k paragon he could clear it with old reakor, lol.

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Not likely but that time is competitive with the best Rend clears on live with similar paragon. I am more impressed with the LOD Hota clear. That may be barbs strongest build now. I might have to start putting a build together since a LOD has never been on my radar. I perfect gear for everything else.