PTR Raekor changes incoming

A lot has to do with the new map tilesets too.

That is for sure. Can not agree more…
I want to see an oreks dream with a first map fields of misery. Oh lord!!!

R6 HOTA has already done 150, with 12k paragon!


Is Raekors in a good place or does it need changes?

It needs some tweaks, but the overall situation is looking considerably better than I originally thought.

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I like how it plays but its still on the low end for barb sets. It needs more damage or no one is going to play it.


What’s your take on the tweak at this point? There a lot of opinions out there, but I think your take are more well rounded, so do share.

Hi there, may I ask your opinion on the build variations?

  • What do you think is the current best variant for speed and pushing? Harpoon, Flip or Boulder Toss?
  • Do the build need additional damage reductions on the 4pc or just BoM is enough? Is APD/Stone gauntlet necessary for survival? And the shielded version?
  • What about the single target damage of the build? Is it good?
  • The build has 2 spears so basically the Raekor/IK version is dead?
  • Is this competitive against WhildRend?
    P/s: Thank you, I’m not in NA so the PTR is basically inaccessible and I can’t test it.

Novice question here, but are the changes to the Raekor set likely to make it noticeably easier or harder to complete the Set Dungeon? I hadn’t gotten around to doing that one yet, and have been wondering whether I should either hurry up and do it now, or hold off and do it next season?

It should be about the same, maybe a little easier. The “hit a bunch of enemies with Charge” objective will be about the same, and the “hit a bunch of enemies with a spender” should be easier, now that Spear splits into a bunch of additional projectiles. That’s assuming, of course, that the game counts those additional spears as part of the same single initial attack. If not, that objective will actually be much harder.

For pushing, Boulder Toss 100%. For speed below a certain point (T16s and lower GRs) Jagged Edge might actually be the best, since it doesn’t eat all your Fury with each cast.

Lower paragon players will almost certainly need BoM + Esoteric. The highest clear so far has used Parthans. Stone Gauntlets really only works if you can keep up CC immunity 100% of the time, which probably means using the PoC belt, which means playing a F+R setup, rather than Crimson + CoE + Squirt or Crimson + EW.

For “shielded version”, do you mean carrying a shield in your off-hand, or using the Gizzard gem to get a forcefield? If the former, first note that this is really not the optimal setup. But, it certainly isn’t bad, and the shield will definitely help your toughness, especially if you use the S&B passive, and especially especially if you are also using Crimson, which gives you extra toughness via RCR. In this instance you can almost certainly drop Esoteric for Zei or Gogok, no matter what your paragon is.

No, although it seems like it’s probably better than Leapquake or Vile Charge.

Yeah, playing R6IK4 is now a huge dps loss.

My gut (plus the evidence thus far) tells me it’s currently a little bit weaker than Rend or LoD HOTA, but I am hopeful that we will see a few buffs to the build before it goes live.


You know, I should also go over the major gear variations that are worth playing, and what you get from them.

Setup 1 is 5 pieces Raekor, 2 pieces Crimson, plus RoRG (cube), BoM, Endless Walk, Parthans in the cube.

This gives you roughly a 3.2x max multiplier (1.6x Crimson and 2.0x Endless Walk), though probably a bit lower in reality since you probably won’t be able to keep the EW damage bonus at 100%. And, for mitigation, you get big bursts of mitigation from Parthans that fade pretty quickly as mobs build up CC resist.

Setup 2 is 5 pieces Raekor, 2 pieces Crimson, plus RoRG (cube), BoM, CoE, Squirt’s, Parthans in the cube.

Damage multiplier here varies, based on if you get a Shield Pylon. With no shield, multiplier is 2.48x (1.6x Crimson, 1.55x CoE). With “average” Shield, this is 2.80x (Pylon adds 1.13x multiplier). With “leveraged” Shield, i.e. you get a Shield vs a huge pull of mobs on a great map, multiplier is probably more like 3.22x (assuming Shield here is closer to a 1.3x multiplier). Same mitigation buff from Parthans as the previous setup.

Setup 3 is 6 pieces Raekor, Focus + Restraint, wear Pride of Cassius, Squirt’s, Stone Gauntlets and BoM in cube.

Damage multiplier here again varies based on Shield Pylon. With no shield, multiplier is 2.25x (F+R). With “average” Shield, 2.54x (pylon adds 1.13x). With “leveraged” Shield, 2.92x (Shield adds 1.3x). For mitigation, you get more consistent toughness, from Stone Gauntlets, and can also be 100% CC immune, assuming you pop IP whenever WOTB hits downtime, and vice-versa.

All three of these are quite solid options. There are many other variables too, of course, like what weapon you take in the cube (Echoing Fury, Furnace, and Messerschmidt all seem like solid options) what 3rd gem you take (Esoteric, Gogok, or Zei), and your defensive skills and passives (Bloodthirst vs Relentless, War Cry vs IP, etc).

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Another data point on the new R6: a 140 clear, with 12k paragon, in 8:33. Damage difference between 12k and your roughly 10k is almost exactly 1 GR.

So, what do you think: could you do 139 in 8:33? Any interest in chucking some keys into 139 on the PTR (using Rend) and seeing what happens?

I was referring to LOD HOTA. I can test it. IMO I can’t come close to that though without fishing a lot. 139 is till a level I can fail even with the added paragon from season. My speed build is only good up to maybe 137 in terms of defense since I have no BOM and IP. Comparing my current non season record of 136 in 12:32 then adding 1200 paragon to be at 10k. That would put me at around 137 in 12:32. Then you figure if I had a perfect map/mobs/pylons we could take off some time. I’m guessing with fishing I could manage a 137 in 10 minutes.

I know. I was just quoting you to get your attention. Apologies that I was unclear, which I definitely was.

So: you’ll play your pushing setup, right? You can also fish a little. Just play good maps.

Another Raekor setup: used by Neon, with 9.5k paragon, for a 140 clear in about 11 minutes:

Endless Walk + RoRG + Aughild + BoM + Pride of Cassius

This gives a 2.6x max multiplier, with 3.38x vs elites (and, since he’s also using Furnace in cube, a total 4.68x vs elites).

I don’t forsee this being quite as good as a Crimson setup, since you do less general damage, have a harder time with cooldowns, and lack the incredible synergy with Relentless. But, who knows?

new changes are good.

  • Legacy of Raekor (4-piece Bonus): Furious Charge gains the effect of every rune and deals 1000% increased damage. For every 1% Life you are missing, the damage of your Ancient Spear is increased by 2%.
  • Legacy of Raekor (6-piece Bonus): Hitting enemies with Furious Charge or Weapon Throw increases the damage of your next Ancient Spear by 5500% and causes it to release multiple spears from its target. This effect stacks and is consumed from each released spear. This can only consume a maximum of 5 stacks at a time. This effect stacks and each spear throw consumes a maximum of 5 stacks.
  • Arreat’s Law: Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear deal 150-200% increased damage.
    • Weapon Throw generates up to 25 additional Fury based on the distance of the enemy hit. The generated Fury can go above the maximum cap by 200 Fury.
    • Ancient Spear refunds up to 25 Fury based on the distance of the enemy hit and resets your Fury cap to its base maximum.
  • The Three Hundredth Spear: Increase the damage of Weapon Throw and Ancient Spear by 150-200%. The attack speed of Weapon Throw is increased by 200%.
  • Skular’s Salvation: Increase the damage of Ancient Spear by 150-200%. If your Ancient Spear - Boulder Toss hits 5 or fewer enemies, the damage is increased by 100%.

*Developer’s Note 3/17: We’ve added additional Weapon Throw buffs to give players more build options when playing the reworked Legacy of Raekor set. We’ve also updated Arreat’s Law to allow players to reach new levels of Fury.

Developer’s Note: We reworked Raekor’s Legacy to give the set its own identity. It felt natural to the team to infuse the charging fantasy of Raekor’s Legacy with the Barbarian’s ranged skills.

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Honestly more effort than I was expecting. RIP hopes of Vile Charge, though.

Wondering how you’ll know when you topped out with the new +200 fury cap? Mouse hovering over the globe seems pretty inelegant.

1 to 1.5 seconds I guess.

It’s pretty fun. I was hitting almost 400 fury with animosity. The weapon throw is FAST. Great for stacking stricken. Charge is just an optional movement skill now. I took out pride of cassius and put in witching hour. Double down on the glass cannon, lol.

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Can you now play MotE Seismic Slam - Rumble with Arreat’s Law? Maybe not I guess. The AS is missing to refill the Fury fast enough. Or in MotE - Earthquake to cast manually more Earthquakes.