PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue | Has Ended

What I am wanting to know is does the freezing occur when the D3D error occurs. If it is yes and it is based on time then I can instantly conduct the test on the PTR the same way. Or if it happens on the PTR during the D3D error message I will then do as instructed. Still there can be a connection and that can be done without the D3 debug txt file.

I have never gotten that error and still have the issue. For me, it just started occurring this season and is definitely not related to internet issues as I play with someone else in the same household with a far worse/less powerful computer. He has no issues while I freeze frequently in our 2 player games even after I set my video options to low. Unfortunately, I can not do any PTR testing for 5 hours or so…

ShadowAegis, is that error accompanied with a blank grey screen?

I have gotten that for years, but it was never an issue, just hit retry. I never had any stuttering, crashes, lag, or anything negative along with that issue.

Played one GR as a standard FB Wizard. No major freezes, but constant stuttering when using Mirror Images and when the images use skills. The stuttering also happens in town, but only with Mirror Images.


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Like so:

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Mirror Images Firebirds T16:

Whirlwind-Barb Gr90:

Wizard was, as widely known, incredibly laggy and stuttering. Barb was only slightly noticable, but i do know that it is an issue when ground-stomping and manual rending into it on higher GRs (~130). Also the D3Debug has the same FMOD outputs like the FB-Wizard.
My GoD-DH GR90 Run only had like a handful of these outputs.

My Hardware:

  • i7-9700k
  • Gigabyte Aorus GTX 1080 TI Xtreme 11G (Driver v471.41)
  • 2x8GB G Skill TridentZ DDR4-3600
  • MSI MPG Z390 Gaming Edge AC

Do you want us to post D3Debug.txt files whenever we experience ANY glitches, or only when the game crashes or freezes?

What other information can we put in our post that might be helpful?

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Played Firebird Wizard Solo and the 10s freeze happened with sound turned off.

Log file


Just look at the end of the log:

2021.08.05 22:55:20.155796800	FMOD Error sound not ready in 3109.44 ms (loop count: 200)
2021.08.05 22:55:20.156025600	FMOD call duration total:  0.22 ms
2021.08.05 22:55:20.156214700	Sleep call duration total: 3109.15 ms
2021.08.05 22:55:23.259649900	FMOD sound ready after 3103.07 ms (loop count: 200)
2021.08.05 22:55:23.260004800	FMOD call duration total:  0.25 ms
2021.08.05 22:55:23.260205700	Sleep call duration total: 3102.76 ms
2021.08.05 22:55:23.260406800	FMOD Error sound not ready in 3103.07 ms (loop count: 200)
2021.08.05 22:55:23.260618000	FMOD call duration total:  0.25 ms
2021.08.05 22:55:23.260857200	Sleep call duration total: 3102.76 ms
2021.08.05 22:55:26.369948800	FMOD sound ready after 3108.74 ms (loop count: 200)
2021.08.05 22:55:26.370247900	FMOD call duration total:  0.22 ms
2021.08.05 22:55:26.370449000	Sleep call duration total: 3108.45 ms
2021.08.05 22:55:26.370698800	FMOD Error sound not ready in 3108.74 ms (loop count: 200)

It’s all because of fmodex64.dll, even with sound off. As you can see there are 3 consecutive loops for 3,1 seconds each, totally 9,3 seconds. In the beginning of the log the loop counts are in the range from 1 to 9, but in the last three the loop count is 200.

Sup Vita! Isolating the request specifically for the lag/freeze issue here. Thanks for checking in though!

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Got the freeze very quickly when doing a GR.

Lets hope this helps find the issue, as I’ve been plagued with this for quite a while now!

Inna Monk in Greater Rift: Freeze occurred when using Dashing Strike into a group of regular monsters and a Rare’s minion and activating Mystic Ally. The Dash was cast immediately following the death of an elite group.

Just tested it and I have found out that the game froze without the error. That rules that out the window. Now it must be something else. So then I can jump on the PTR to see what the problem is.

1 more 10s freeze with GoD DH Solo



I decided to take a break from farming Ethereal Weapons on the Americas Region and spend some time in the PTR Pop-Up.

Thursday, August 5, 2021 3:39 PM EDT

  1. Updated PTR and started game.
  2. Did a PTR Copy.
  3. Collected Follower gear from mail.

3:59 PM EDT

  1. Ran a T16 Rift — No issues.
  2. Ran Act 3 Bounty, Kill Siegebreaker. (Sometimes I lag here). No issues.

4:13 PM EDT

  1. Changed Sound Options from 64 Channels to 128 Channels.
  2. Ran T16 Rift.
  3. Halfway through the Rift I experienced a 5-second freeze.
  4. Normal Demon Hunter survived and finished the Rift.

4:31 PM EDT

  • End PTR Pop-Up game session.

D3Debug.txt (Pastebin)

If you need my system info, here’s my current DxDiag.txt on Pastebin.

ayyyy! Thanks for taking the time. Sending you digital-invisible-delicious-cupcakes

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Just lost a wiz to HC freeze death. It happened twice. The first time it lagged out for 5sec but it resumed game with 3 proc’ed death.
Same GR, second time completely frozen and dead character.

Don’t know how you guys by pass the limit for pastebin.
Attached full file here: (remove spaces)
https ://

Hope this helps. This was a 5 second freeze, not the worse I have had in the past.

I posted a report. Why did you guys just deleted my post?

Pastebin will not allow upload 12MB text content.
Don’t know why my PTR D3Debug.txt is 12MB. I ran like only 4 GRs and already crashed.

Freeze twice:

First time 5sec
Second time completely crashed to desktop

https ://

Here is upload to google drive.

One quick question, I see there are two debug.txt files. One for the live and the other is the PTR. I assume that I would post on pastbin the PTR debug.txt file instead of the live one. Is this assumption correct?