PTR Pop-Up | Focus on Freezing Issue | Has Ended

when can we test (CET time please)

In last patch, it showed ‘FMOD Error sound not ready in 200ms’ in D3Debug.txt.

In this patch, it shows ‘FMOD sound ready after xx ms’

Are they meaning the same thing?

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Oh yeah I get those too, sadly they are quite random, I was getting them often when I would get a friend related toast notification. I disabled that and now I get them randomly every now and then.

If people fix it by replacing some old .dll file into the game folder, what is there to investigate, really?

They don’t fix it. It’s just a workaround which bypass the problem(s).

Finally action for this issue!

I used to have this problem but fixed it using this post.

I’ve had no issues since. Except a weird bug on live with a Necro LoD build that kept on DCing. Pretty sure they are not related.

For any of those wondering, your D3Debug.txt file will be located in a folder called InspectorReporter on whichever drive you have it installed.

The default location is C:\Program Files (x86)\Diablo III Public Test\InspectorReporter and the debug file will be inside a folder with the Date/time of the incident.


I believe it depends on your installation drive. For example, mine are located in:

Live Server

D:\Diablo III\InspectorReporter\ReportedBugs\(Date/Time Folders)

and the most recent one is in:

D:\Diablo III\x64

PTR Server

D:\Diablo III Public Test\InspectorReporter\ReportedBugs\(Date/Time Folders)

and the most recent one is in:

D:\Diablo III Public Test\x64


Thanks, edited above.

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Just a note about the D3Debug.txt file.

Only the most current play session is logged in the file. In other words, if the game client is closed and reopened, it will overwrite the previous log.

So when a freeze happens, be sure to submit the D3Debug.txt file before the next play session. AND be sure to post the D3Debug.txt of the PTR (in the “Diablo III Public Test” folder, not the one from the live game!


Hello @FilthieRich,here is the link for the Pastebin page where I wrote my D3Debug code as you wanted it (D3 Freezes -

When I opened the x64 folder in my d3 folder I found this datai (fmodex64.dll):
where I used the as described in another post
I replaced datai by playing for a while and had no more still images
(freezes / lags)

I already have died 2 times because of that, with out any screenshots (I even made a farewell topic), for now I can only think about GR 75-80 or more+ (less level = almost no lags and death, very low probability do die), T15 or less, again low probability to be dead, due to the less people (bots) play one those difficulty levels (T16 have a lot people to play, bots and so on, so very high probability to die). Sometimes 4 and 5 acts become very laggy (if you try to play all acts from 1 to the last in adventure mode), but that has nothing to do with the personal computer memory and so on. Interesting fact is that Diablo can disable your internet card (or on mother board) or make it go baggy, but after some testing from the parallel PC (through the same router and so on), internet connections is always perfect, only Blizzard servers become unreachable and if you manage to kill Diablo in task manager, your Ethernet card becomes unlocked and works fine again… BTW, during one of the death, I got a tons of errors (more then 10) and then of course after 10 second of disconnect (connection loss) and (I tried my best to use some actions and so on) kick from servers, I got dead anyway… I would love to get hand on the logs to see what happened there for real… And the best solution for that problem would be for HC solo players would be offline mode (even temporal), because it’s not an honored death due to that bug… And final I haven’t used Firebird and Convention of Elements in this season before the first death only before second one I got Convention of Elements, but with out Firebird…

is the PTR live yet? It says theres a new patch available but as soon as the game quits nothing is applied or downloaded.

PTR Pop-up is now live!


My account snapshot is several days old, and I am only allowed 1 PTR copy per 24 hr period.

Wish I had copied from another server, or that I was allowed to try copying from another server instead of having to wait 24 hrs to copy again…

While I haven’t played the PTR. I will try my own test live. There might be a connection with the freezing issue and the D3D error that reads as follows. Diablo III was unable to initialize D3D. Click okay to retry. I will keep playing either season 24 or PTR and keep an eye on whether this has any effect on the freezing issue. I noticed this started happening a while ago. I don’t know how long. It might be as long as the freezing issue. If so and there is a connection then you might be able to figure out what is going on. I hope this idea helps. Regardless I will test things out myself on my end.

They may not get any useful information from your logs if you are not on the PTR.

If its not a bother, hopefully you can hop on the PTR to reproduce the issue and share the log. We have some configurations within the PTR to help us dive deep into the issue. Hope this reaches you well ShadowAegis!

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