[PTR-Bug] Sanctified items not always max rolling stats


Sometimes sanctifying an item isn’t rolling all the stats at the max level as it should.

Here is an image: imgur < dot > com/a/Q3fiikT

You can see in one picture, the int is 750, and in another its 1000

Here’s a preview:

It would be easier for the players reading your post if, instead of mangling the URL, you converted it to preformatted text.

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  • click on the </> button on the formatting bar at the top of the composition window.

Links converted to preformatted text cannot be clicked on to open the screenshot… but they are allowed by the forum software. They appear as white text on a grayish background like so: https://i.imgur.com/kBths4r.png

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I can affirm this too, please address in patch development team!

The bug was reported the day the PTR went live…

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