PTR: Are we there yet?

Im patching now. So the game is ON!

i patched an hour ago and it still wasnt up

and i still cant log in

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same here, patched over an hour ago and still showing server maintenance screen.

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ya where was the customary log in for 2 minutes system message there is a required update then down for 2 more hours

Just to give a heads up, we’re handling one last issue encountered with character copy transfers. As soon as that clears up, we’ll open the gates for testing. :slight_smile:

If we aren’t able to get character copy up and running shortly, we might release PTR without it and enable it at a later time. Just be advised if we go this route that utilizing character copy will overwrite any progress you’ve made on PTR up to that point. That’s the main reason why we’re trying to resolve it before making everything available.

Will keep you all updated as I learn more. Thanks for your patience. :heart:


thnx for the info @Nevalistis

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In the spirit of the title ‘Pandemonium’…If they announced an official start time, imagine the complaints if it was even 5 minutes late? Or if like the Nevalistis post above, a piece of software or hardware or function was not cooperating… ‘Pandemonium’.

I hope they NEVER post a start time.


people will complain regardless.


no. wrong. there are just so many companies who ARE able to post a time and are capable to hold the timeline. this is NORMAL.

not normal is to dont be able to fix bugs for over a month.
not normal is not beeing able to give us a time and deliver on that time!

and one other poing : giving a time would maybe instill at least a little bit of discipline into some of this employees.

im personally think there should be consequences. ppl have to leave the company. 1 month battlenet bugs ? its a joke ? no… thats blizzard right now.

(english is not my mothertongue, but you should get the points)

Man you seem pleasant. I hope no issue ever happens at your job. If so i hope you’re immediately fired though :slight_smile:


This is a PTR, not full game release. Chill out and just enjoy testing it.


mabey blizz meant 10/17/2020


sir. im 47. im in the workforce for over 20 years and counting.

when there is an issue. like this. for over a month. it should be NO QUESTION that this person is not capable / at the wrong position.

its just as easy as that. get some professsionals please.

well… im just out of words since weeks…

Imagine what will happen when the server goes live and you get 20h queue times each day of PTR until the end. Pandemonium isn’t enough to describe what will happen on the forums.

It will make a zombie apocalypse outbreak look like a trip to a scary house in an amusement park…

You sure are acting like you’re 12. Since when is an issue that started today around for over a month? Issues are handled on a priority system and some are more complicated than others. I am 1000000% sure you dont know how to fix any of them gives these people a break!

it’s a Test Realm. It’s not a season in which they have months in planning the launch. How many games launch a PTR at a specific time every time?

im talking about the bugs

  • invite bug
  • nonseason/season
  • champs appear as unknow champs

etc etc etc etc

I will agree to disagree with you.
You obviously have seen some programming code at some time, so whether it is C, or assembly or whatever, then you know that every form of coding is different with an experienced coder and to assess anything without seeing the code or the inter-connected sub-routines, then that is a very global and ambiguous way to look at it.

I understand your frustration, but tarring one company with the same brush as another is rarely correct.