PS5 / Xbox S.X Upgrade?

Don’t believe the hype mate. Current tech (apps and games) don’t even fully utilise gen 3 NVMEs, let alone gen 4. Trust me on this, I’ve done a helluva lot of research on this for my new PC over the past 5-6 weeks. GPUs aren’t even coming close to saturating the PCIE gen 3 data slots either, not even remotely close. Here’s the guys developing NVME:

are you going to seriously tell me that Sony is smarter than all of these guys? I don’t think so…Sony isn’t listed as a promoter or contributor on the official specs page…that’s like trying to tell me that GE can make a camera better than Nikon/Canon etc…

mostly from scalpers cos hey, Sony screwed up the presales…the same thing happened with Nvidia 3080 and 3090 cards (the last laugh is on the scalpers though since there is a range of power filtering related issues with both cards causing CTDs etc…). I certainly wouldn’t be buying a 3080 right now.

That is true. But many people want backwards compatibility. Just cos Sony says people don’t, doesn’t mean its true. I wouldn’t blindly believe Sony - remember the old Sony rootkit from the early 2000s? Where they blatantly lied many times over a 3 month period and were caught out by Winternals (sysinternals back then from memory):

not that I trust Microsoft by any means. I simply think the XBOX X will be a better performing unit based on my personal analysis of the specs etc. I guess time will tell if I’m wrong.

Either way, any new ES game won’t be until probably 2024 and most of the XBOX titles, similarly to the Sony titles, don’t interest me. It’ll be several years until I buy a new gen console I suspect, unless my current PS4 gives up the ghost.

But, back to the NVME drives - current games do not make effective use this very fast storage, but yes, Sony is working with games devs to better utilise it, and it will impact on game performance to some degree. IMHO, GPU performance is far more important, since GPU data is passed from the CPU to GPU, as opposed to storage. As an example, try this - grab a high end Intel CPU 10900k system, spec it with 64GB DDR 4 RAM @ the highest frequency you can afford. Put a fast NVME drive in the unit (say, Seagate FireCuda 520). Try running games with a low end GPU and see the FPS. Now put in a high end GPU like a 1080ti and see what a difference that GPU made. Current games aren’t limiting by storage speeds, but by GPU performance.

PS not all nvme drives are created equally. Many drives have little qlc, and that fills up very quickly. Once it fills up, write speeds dramatically drop. Some nvme drives (like the Seagate FireCuda that I mentioned above) have a far larger qlc which means it is harder to saturate (but not impossible) before hitting tlc and slowing down storage i/o.

PPS these “custom” nvme drives are nothing more than Sony trying to vendor lock in consumers to their platform (much like Apple did with lightning connectors). We’ll have to pay inflated prices, Sony prices for replacement drives etc, rather than off the shelf components that have competition and are open standards. I’d very much prefer to support XBOX on that basis alone.


I’m confident Diablo 3 will run on PS5 and the Series X, but I wouldn’t expect any sort of remaster.

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D3 ain’t on the list of PS4 games that will run on PS5 that Sony produced.

Yeah, the big issue is going to be with liscensing on if we will be able to play D3 on new gen consoles. Something tells me that $$$ is what Blizzard will see.

YouTube decided to recommend me some videos of people testing the Xbox Series X with load times. On the games that I also happened to own on the PC, my Samsung 970 Pro was actually beating the times I saw on the YouTube videos. And I believe it’s rated worse than the Xbox’s SSD.

So, I’m not too worried about the PS5 either. Hopefully though the loading times are all about the I/O with Diablo 3 rather than some other issue which the Series X or PS5 might not improve upon.

For example, the PS4 version on SSD tends to load faster for me than the PC version due to lag. That’s one reason I’m not a fan of the current situation with their servers as requirements for Diablo 4. I live in the USA, yet for some reason, my connection to the EU server is far superior because the USA server is located at the exact opposite corner of the country.

it seems,III%20(PS4)%20is%20playable.&text=About%2099.7%25%20of%20the%20PS4,at%20faster%20or%20smoother%20framerates. disagrees with you.

But, if D3 won’t run on ps5, that’s another reason to NOT support that console and move to the XBOX competitor. I hold no allegiance to Sony, or any manufacturer for that matter.

That’ll be a routing issue with your ISP. It ain’t Blizzard’s fault!

Homers comment was Oct 7, your article has a date of Oct 10. Blizzard also said consoles would never ever get seasons. See a pattern here. What we know and report here, that was previously stated, has been known to change. So while D3 may not have been on the Ps5 list, it is now…

When the Americas server is only a few hundred km closer than the EU server, and I live in the USA, yeah, I’d say they hold some fault. It’s 4200 km away (and that’s a straight line, let’s forget how far it is with routing). That’s like if you lived in London, and the EU servers were located in Quebec. The majority of the USA doesn’t live in southern CA. 70% live on the east coast or in the central time zone, which is a few thousand km away.

As for the PS5, I can’t see it not being supported. We’re not talking about the PS3 or PS2 here, which used different architecture. Sure, the graphics card might not work the same, but this can be fixed through drivers.

Yup it seems the PS4 version of D3 has now been confirmed to work on PS5 via its backwards compatability.

Now the interesting point will be how much improvement does it get from the “Game Boost” feature of the PS5 when running PS4 games?

Is there any info that the backwards ability is hardware based rather than software? I haven’t seen anything on that…

Yes, but no one had corrected it, hence my reply.

routing doesn’t work that way though. Trust me, 8 years working as a level 3 tech at a small ISP…

Yes, I agree. But there seems to be any lack of clarity as to which games will run on the PS5. Sony should be making a definitive list, and Blizzard should have tested the title on a PS5 and confirmed it at their end. That’s what good development is.,

Interestingly, the rubber banding and stutter lag that I had been experiencing for several seasons, even as a solo player, playing local, has mostly disappeared for s21. Load times are still horrid for me though - I’ll quite often open a rift, turn on vengeance, enter rift, and vengeance has either finished or near finished by the time the rift loads. That’s how BAD it is. Hopefully the new consoles can help with this, but don’t hold your breath.

Hard to say - until we get PS5’s in the wild and people start tearing the units down, I suspect we won’t know.

Well, Big navi has been released and it’s on par with the Nvidia cards - at least the 3070/3080, slightly behind on the 3090 imho, at least without rage mode and the memory enhancement via the AMD 5000 CPUs…

AMD is weaker on RT, but that was always to be expected imho - I much prefer Nvidia’s take with the tensor and RT cores. With that said, it’s AMD’'s 1st gen RT effort, without a DLSS equivalent, so it can only get better, especially with better RT hardware implementation on hardware with the next gen cards in a year.

This bodes well for the console platforms imho! I wasn’t much interested in RT, but having watched a bunch of demos, I’m very much liking what I see now.

PS5 teardown, for those that may not have seen it:

If I get a PS5, I’ll definitely be removed that base and placing it on its side. I may remove the side panels too - I wonder if Sony thought to test this unit with the sides on it in hot climates like Australia where heat in Summer may cause issues with cooling performance of the unit. Probably not lol.

Ray tracing was always the future for games. That’s not just some fad.

Previous rendering techniques can only fake stuff so well. Have you ever noticed with games, that reflections further out tend to disappear or shift? That goes away. The fidelity update might not be as noticeable as a bump in resolution or doubling the vertex count, but it’s still significant.

Sadly, it’s going to be the next generation of consoles (PS6+) most likely before you can truly see what it can do for games.

if even that. Might be PS7 before we see a really great option on consoles imho. Still, the hardware in both new gen consoles looks pretty decent and much closer to PC levels than past consoles were.

RT isn’t a fad, by no means. I do suspect that many players can live without it though. Been living without it for 30 odd years without an issue :wink:

I bought the digital version of Diablo 3 eternal collection and it plays great but I wish blizzard would reward current players of Diablo 3 with an updated version that supports the PS5 hardware such as boost mode. The game plays fine but I would love it. I will be playing Diablo 3 for quite some time and wait to buy Diablo 4.

I had mine on its side but prefer it vertical as it is less likey to suck in dust.

Well i been wanting to hold out on getting a ps5…but damnit to hell, God of War is only on ps5… basterds.

Hmmmm. I had no idea that changing the angle of the console completely changes the laws of physics! Who knew that a fan, that draws in air, would stop sucking in dust just because it is sudeways?!

This makes me want to rethink alot of things now! Maybe face masks had no effect on the spread of COVID because we weren’t wearing them sideways!

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The season 24 blog lists all the versions that patch 2.7.1 will apply to.The PS5 and XBOX Series X/S are on the list.

He’s asking for upgrades, like resolution or fps patches that other games have gotten. That’s just not going to happen with Diablo.

The tech for this game is just so old that a new engine would need to be created to take advantage of new hardware. On the PC side, I’m running an NVidia 3090 and a Ryzen ThreadRipper, which is a bit faster than the PS5 & XBSX, and barely pulling in 100 frames, and it drops under 40 fps in busy situations, regardless of the resolution.

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