PS5 / Xbox S.X Upgrade?

Any news if there will be a patch/update to take advantage of the new console specs?

As Blizzard are ongoing with support and patches would they not upgrade what they can? Would the announcement of a next gen patch for a game that is 6 years old not be noteworthy to those who are currently debating whcih games can and will work and get upgrades??


Sony said the 4,000 games will work on PS5 with the backwards compatibility thus you will benefit from the PS5 architecture like the new harddrive etc but I hardly think they will release a PS5 version of Diablo 3 UEE on PS5…or a patch to improve things.

Remember the game is with Blizzard’ds Classic team.


The new consoles should support playing the current version of the game. I doubt we would get an update to utilize new gen specs. The real question is if we are going to have to pay full price for the game AGAIN to get it on the new console. Blizzard did make us repurchase the game when going from xbox 360 to xbox one.

Microsoft said that gamers would not have to repurchase game titles for microsoft studio games, and that they were encouraging other developers to do the same. We’ll see if blizzard follows suit or if they decide to charge us a third time for the same game while continuing to essentially neglect the console community.

Not sure I understand you here?

D3 on PS3 is a different game to PS4 D3 thus you had to buy both versions as the PS4 can’t play PS3 discs.

But I will be able to pop in my PS4 version of D3 into the PS5 and benefit from whatever upscaling and hardware the PS5 has without any purchase.

If Blizzard released a remastered version of D3 for PS5 then naturally I would need to buy it.


The only game i’ll “buy” before even getting the PS5 will be the avengers game, since they are giving the PS5 version for free, for those who purchased the ps4 version.



D3 RoS released on xbox 360, and I purchased the digital copy. When I bought my xbox one, I had to repurchase d3 RoS digital copy for xbox one. At that time it was the exact same game. There was no liscense transfer.


Yes but that is because it is not the same game, it may have the same content but the games were XB360 version and the XB1 version…different games.

XB1 to new XB Series X is just backwards compatibility thus very different?


There was no version difference, it was the exact same game. When later patches came out, they eventually just stopped patching previous generation, but there was nothing different with the base code of the game. There was no improvements for xbox one at first.


Technically same content but different games on different platforms my friend but a moot point. For us Sony boys you buy PS3 D3 UEE you had to buy D3 UEE on PS4…it seems its up to the game devs if they will offer PS4 free upgrade to PS5 but will only be for recent games and not this 2014 game!

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As i understood, Sony relaesed a PS Plus collection of games which will be backward compatible to PS4. Diablo 3 UEE isn’t part of this collection.

But this list isn’t fixed, so more titles will follow.

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Microsoft did something similar; All microsift studio games are on the list. Other game tirles from different developers may or may not show up.

I very much doubt that Blizzard will bump “specs” to take advantage of the next gen consoles. That costs money. They don’t even fix current gen console problems :wink:

If there is anything done (I give it less than 0.001%!), I bet my bottom dollar we’ll need to purchase the game again as a “remastered edition” etc.

OOTB though, the PS5 (and new XBOX) should give a boost to performance due to CPU/SSD/RAM/GPU boosts from a hardware perspective. RDNA 2 “big Navi” should be a large jump forward over the older console GPUs. RAM up from 8 to 16GB (PS4/PS5). Zen 2 CPU will be a massive jump in performance - same number of cores (couldn’t find anything that stipulated the number of threads though, I presume 16 threads, but prolly not since previous consoles haven’t had 2 threads per core); big boost in clock speed and that 7nm tooling will be a big help imho. Disappointing that the M2 SSDs are only gen 2 for the XBOX unit though (gen 4 for the PS5).

Personally, I doubt that I’ll buy the PS5 - none of the new titles interest me. I’l keep my current PS4 as it obviously will play any of my current games, and upcoming games such as CP2077.

I suspect that I will buy the new XBOX unit though - it looks attractive and not but ugly like the PS5, has backwards compatibility with older titles, which Sony refuses to do and equal hardware performance (if not better) from everything that I’ve read. Plus. any new Elder Scrolls games will be XBOX exclusives. If Bethesda and Microsoft port Oblivion and Morrowind to the new XBOX, D3 won’t see the light of day for at least a year or 2 :wink: And no, I won’t be buying D3 for XBOX.

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Sony has some decent games coming out, and in the future. God of War Ragnarok is coming. Plus the Avengers game will make it to the new system as well, and if you purchased the previous version, you get the ps5 for free. So i’ll probably pick up the ps5 version, and wait until God of War comes out to get the ps5 which will be next year.

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Thought Sony confirmed the majority of PS4 titles will natively work on PS5 and only a few will require a patch from the devs to then make it work on PS5? Not remastering with PS5 architecture but rather just get it working with PS5’s backwards compatbility and how it does it (is it software or a chip?).,play%20them%20on%20the%20PS5.

I picked up PS4 at launch and really the launch titles were poor so I’m waiting till next year to get my PS5…although Demon Souls remastered is looking utterly epic.

They have said that, but not guaranteed it. PS3 games on PS5? Nope…Older PS games? Nope…contrast with Microsoft who is working very hard to ensure that all older titles will work on the new XBOX…

I’m a big fan of Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls games (been playing them since the wonderful Daggerfall release many years ago) and to be honest, if the PS5 won’t have it as a title, I’ll move ship to ensure that I can play it. I’m currently re-playing Oblivion on one of my laptops and loving it.

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Never change Oblivion, Never change.


Thought Sony had produced a list of confirmed PS4 games that work on PS5.

PS3 and older no for sure but then that market will be very low as not a lot will be buying a PS5 with PS3 games in mind given the service PS Now which streams PS3 games very well and is in use on the PS4 which too had no backwards compatability.

I love playing old games too for the Nostalgia feeling…I’m playing a game called Diablo 3…its ok :rofl:


:slight_smile: I’ve got a boxed copy of Redguard somewhere, not sure where. I never played Battlespire or Arena. But, I have played every other TES game to death. My only gripe with Bethesda games is their humongous number of bugs, both on release, and later on. I swear the Skyrim special edition still had unfixed bugs in it from 6 years earlier. Fallout 4 was an utter joke.

I also need to return to the Witcher 3 as I never started the 2nd expansion or finished my 2nd run through.

I had several PS3 games (The Cave springs to mind) that were never ported to PS4 and would love to be able to play on a PS5. It’s not impossible to do either. I mean, I can play or use many Windows games/apps on GNU/Linux with WINE (or Cedega etc). When Apple moved from OS 9.x to OS X, there was an emulator for a good number of years that let me use older non-OSX native apps. Even now with Windows, I can play many older titles daing back to Win 95 with compatibility mode etc. It’s not much to ask.

Either way, the PS5 looks hella ugly and visually isn’t my cuppa tea. I think we’ll see a lot of Sony guys migrate to XBOX with these new gen consoles.

I do think the 2 will be pretty close in terms of performance - the Sony will win on disk I/O, but the XBOX will win on GPU performance. Given that 2.5" SSD vs gen 3 m2 nvme drives offer only the tiniest performance differences in game load times etc on PC, I don’t expect the faster nvme tech of the PS5 to really translate into any real advantage.

At this point of time, I wouldn’t go with an XBOX S. Or, a PS4 pro (not supporting 4k discs was a massive faux pas on Sony’s part imho).

Oh you are way wrong their mate, PS5 has properiatary drives that they have developed and its not just putting these SSD’s into a PC, the PS5 SSD variant is far, far faster than PC with the same drive.

PS5 demand has been extreme and will be the number 1 console, PS3 games can be access via PS Now thus the amount of people not buying a PS5 because they want to play PS3 games I could probably count on one hand.

There is no difference to the PS5 to the PS4 in terms of playing PS3 games…they both will use PS Now…and of course PS5 will play PS4 games or 99% of them.

THe answer is of course buy both newgen units!

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Oh you are way wrong their mate, PS5 has properiatary drives that they have developed and its not just putting these SSD’s into a PC, the PS5 SSD variant is far, far faster than PC with the same drive.

That might be true, but there’s a bit more to consider than just pure throughput. RAMDISKs are typically miles ahead of any SSD on the market, including the PS5 SSD, and typically aren’t that much faster when it comes to modern gaming. Some games are going to need to be rewritten to take advantage of the new IO. Fortunately you can do this on a PS5, vs a PC where one person might be using Samsung 980s in RAID, while another person uses some laptop SATA 2 mechanical drive.

The bottom line is we’re going to have to wait and see for real world performance. There have been plenty of times in the past we’ve seen cool tech demos that turned out to be vastly more impressive before they actually launched commercially.

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