Problem after enchating swords

Hello, I’m writing to you because, or I’m a really noob, or I don’t know what happened. I have my to ancient swords in a barbarian, and after a few attempts enchanting, I thought I was done. But then, the base DPS of them have fallen from about 3000 to 400/800!!! How this could happen? What I’ve missed? Thanks for your attention.


On your two swords, you rerolled Damage property to another property, so yes, your DPS dropped.

Reroll properties to Damage property

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This comes up so often in the Bug Report forum that it made it into the stickied thread…

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Ok, thanks, I feel ashamed, sorry

Why? You’re in the New Player Help section, which is where we expect questions like this to come up. The very fact that this made it into the stickied thread just proves that lots of people asked the very same thing before you did, so don’t feel bad about it.

By the way, I see from your Career Page that you’re playing on the EU servers. Drop me a Friend request (Meteorblade#2266) if you’d like to team up for some seasonal GRs and I can answer any other questions you might have whilst doing that if you like.

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I did this last season. After playing D3 for years on PC and console. Felt really noobish once I realized what I did.