Primal Ring of royal grandeur doesn't equip

Hello, I’ve a problem with Primal version of Ring of royal grandeur: I took a normal version of the ring and upgraded it with the cube to get it primal! After done this, I’ve tried to equip to my charater removing the old one. The game says I cannot equip another item like this, but there isn’t another one already equipped! Not even activeted the power in the Kanai cube, so I don’t understant why I cannot use it! Could this be a bug?

Do you have any other Kanai Cube recipe 11 crafted primals equipped? You can use one and only one of these crafted primals at a time. Primals crafted thru reforges (recipe #2) have no such limitations, only those crafted with recipe 11.


Yes, you are right! I have another one primal crafted equipped! Now that you say I checked, removed the other one and it works… I didn’t know about this limitation, thank you so much for the explanation!


Blizzard really needs to do something about this.


The limitation should definitely be removed since farming Primals is the only real way to upgrade a set fully. The likelihood of getting a full set of Primal gear is astronomically low.

Some ancients are better than primals, so don’t need to remove the limitation.

Being fully equipped with primal items doesn’t matter if you don’t have the right stats.


Abso-effing-lutly not. That simply allows circumventing the core gameplay, killing monsters and finding the gear.

Secondly, primals are not mandatory for any build. Nice to have but not mandatory. The extra benefit they potentially give over well rolled ancient is miniscule.

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