Power affixes is a HORRIBLE IDEA

Meaningful or not is subjective. Personally I think the system is still too simple. And D4 needs something new, something of its own too. It needs to be unique.

No need for anything really if you are not willing to accept anything. Let’s just agree to disagree. I think this will enrich itemization.

It’s not subjective. It’s related to how proper game design works.

It is in no way enriching the itemization more than what many other suggested - to have random power requirements, and what I suggested - to cut the direct link between powers and effects and let the player choose the buff-debuff-procs weight distribution himself a la Talents mechanic.

What the hell is randon req? What’s cutting direct link between power and effect?

This is bulllshiit. If I find it meaningful to me then it is. It’s a matter of taste, while you are trying to put yourself higher than the rest. You sir, have no right or power to dictate what is meaningful for me or others.

Now I know why philosopher is a dead job, because there exist such arguments.

Random means you could have cold resistence matched with Angelic on one item and Demonic on another.

The link between power and effect is Angelic, Demonic, Ancestral always have respective effect enhance - buff, debuf, procs.

I want Diablo 4 to be played for longest time possible. This would mean the game is meaningful. Whether you play it or not, is a choice you yourself have to make.

D2 it’s the best for item

You would think its easy for people to understand but i question people’s intelligence. If they just reword it to strength, intelligence, dexterity do you think people would complain less? Because its called something else they can’t wrap their minds around it and just complain.

So, it’s the same system with a new variation? You can do that no problem. I think your way have a potential problem of not having static breakpoints which can be good to aim for really. It can become the game of not balancing but grinding out the best req that you will stack anyway. Which really means you grow powerful in all directions thus not really significant trade-off.

Rename them to Str, Dex, Energy. :joy:

I agree. Definately needs more refinement, but I like the potential high risk high reward nature of the demonic powers. With it being a psiedo MMO, I wonder if they can workit into a faction type thing? Open up new quest areas or quest lines based on which faction you choose, like you have to decide whith path to go down.

Actually I find it odd why resistances are in different categories. Resistances should be put into the same category and if you want more resistances, you have less damage. It’s a very reasonable compromise.

Well its a really dangerous tradeoff to go full demonic and then get permafrozen and 1 shot by an ice boss

IMHO they should follow a similar route with these “powers” as Grim Dawn…

There you got Physique, Cunning and Spirit which basically follow Str,Dex,Int. which grant their own passive perks.

You simply distibute 1 click for 8 points for any of these attributes per level up…
Its quite easy to follow and you dont require to spamm 5 clicks on 1 attribute when you level up.

Physique works for tankier build
Cunning works for assasin/physical damage build
Spirit works for Spellcasting build


Sounds fun to me.:rofl:

Thats the simple old attribute system
That i like back
Has not much to do with this here

Proper game design is subjective. Many good games emplore different ideas for game design. Being a good game is subjective as well. OoT and BotW are considered two of the greatest games of all time, yet there are many that serious issues with them. Many here see D3 bing a bad game and D2 infallible, yet I find D3 a better game.

Yeah I still play GD every now and then, still in love with the system after 2 years. And GD’s rare items do have +x rank to y skills. :slight_smile:

It kinda has.

Atm there are exactly 3 attributes in total.
The requirement on attributes for equipment for these “powers” is quite similar to torchlight and its totally fine.
Only the passives for each attribute need refining since you cannot really build a character based only on “buff”,“debuff” and “cast on hit” stats.



You just have more choice that’s it - you choose what to min/max for. You aren’t put in an artificial range. That’s why I made the MMA relation a few posts above.

Yep, first time I read the blog I thought these are random requirement because of this, missing the explanation below the items which clearly states they are fixed.

Yes, this could be done if they separate the effects from the 3 powers in an a la Talent system and add more stats to it. Then regarding on what you weight as percentage you would be considered in the respective faction - for example player focusing on procs and dodging would be considered affiliated with one faction, while someone focusing on procs and ranged damage would be marked as a part of another. It could be done.

Proper game design simply means a system in a game is optimal regarding its interaction within the game universe. One game may be completely different from another, but both to be properly designed.