Potential console issues with the upcoming theme

This is just going to be where I post any thoughts I had about how the theme effects the console variant of Diablo 3.

I’ve already posted in a previous thread about the double Massacre Bonus. Basically, having it as the first Node is punishing every console player.

Another issue I thought of, is the blood shard sacrifice for the upgrades. On the PC, when you have 900 shards, but 1100 cap, and 300 blood shards drop, you fill up to the cap, with the remaining left on the ground.

This isn’t the case on the console. If the blood shards exceed the cap, none of the blood shards are picked up. You can have 700 blood shards with a 1100 cap, and if 401 blood shards drop, you can’t pick up any of them. You’re forced to go back and spend some, so that when you pick up shards, they are under the cap.

How does this present a problem? On the PC, you just need to clear a 70, 80, 90, 100, and 110. On the console, they’re forced to clear a 73, 83, 93, 103, and 113. You have to clear 3 Greater Rifts higher than the PC version, to make sure you have a spare 25 blood shards, so you can spend enough blood shards, so that you can actually pick up the blood shards, as the lowest you can spend at Kadala is 25 blood shards.

(And due to how the Nephalem Glory works on the console, it’s the equivalent of PC players having to clear 78, 88, 98, 108, and 118 for the rewards.)


Hadn’t even realized this was going to be an issue too.

Nephalem Glory is a big problem too.


Wow that sucks and absolutely needs to be fixed.

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The sad truth is the console versions have had a plethora of unaddressed issues over the years and that’s not likely to change over the course of a shortened PTR.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t worth mentioning, but I’d keep my hopes in check on fixes that apply exclusively to the consoles.


I share these concerns.


Yeah, they never bothered to give an equipment slot for legendary potions on console, they still occupy an inventory slot

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The very first seal doubles the massacre bonus time length meaning dropping it to get more NG is twice as hard.

Great job Blizzard.


For console, they can, instead of doubling the massacre bonus, they instead double the duration of NG. And then, double it again by making it permanent - that is, once you get it, it stays and can only be replaced by getting a higher massacre bonus.

Fix console issues? What miracle do you want them to do next, actually buff Witch Doctors?

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Maybe for us console players, replace the first node with “perma Nephalem Glory - doubled” :slight_smile: problem solved.


To fix the nephalem glory for console issue they could just stop the interval per kill reduction past 50. i mean that would help but you still get hosed on boss fights longer than 2 minutes, but at least you could have max stacks when it boss spawns more easily

Or dare I say just give us the NG buff in GR’s.

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Yeah, it will be very difficult to keep NG buff up with this nonsense massacre bonus. Console players suffer enaugh as it is now. With some chars (WD with DoTs for example) it is near impossible to reset the massacre streak without TPing or level switching.
I think it is time to get rid of NG after all and give console players the same treatment as on PC.

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I like the NG mechanic. My problem with it is just being “punished for being successful”.

They need to just set the Neph glory buff to be always on for consoles. Simple solution to a few big console issues.

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