PoJ DB farming build suggestions for HC?

I haven’t played much monk and would like advice on how to safely farm DBs T16 with the new PoJ set in HC. I don’t mind sacrificing some speed for more survivability. I’m still working on getting the set, farming blood shards on my wiz.

Anyone having success with PoJ and Sage’s for farming DBs?

One thing that worries me is this post Please make POJ 4set stay for 2 sec after you stop spinning. Travelling quickly between elites may be too risky until the set bonus changes.

So while you CAN run Sage’s for an extra DB drop, it’s of questionable utility - oftentimes, it’s really better to run higher damage/movespeed and just kill things faster.

Let’s assume you have roughly 25m base toughness. The "I don’t really need to worry about dying, even to things like molten explosions " for T16 content is about 200m, which means you need three 50% damage reductions to be comfortable.

Your first halving comes from the PoJ set itself. The next really easy one to snag is Unity - wear or cube one, put one on your follower, and give your follower the token that makes them take 0 damage from all sources.

After that, I’d say your best bet is either Traveler’s Pledge neck/ring set (gives damage while holding still and DR while moving, slowly swaps based on your current state) or running Won Khim Lau to automatically trigger Cyclone Strike when you hit with Tempest Rush, then cubing the shoulders that give 50% DR for 5 seconds after using Cyclone Strike.

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my eu monk holyfart should right now be equipped as db t16 farm build if i remember it right.

A boon of the hoarder with a cubed goldwrap can provide pretty good defense for db farming.

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In T16 you really don’t need Sage set anymore. It’ll obviously do its job, but even without it I guarantee once you get going you’ll have no shortage ever again. So if it comes to a choice between it and HC survival, don’t hesitate for the latter.

As GrumpyMonk suggested, use the good old Boon/Band/Wrap combo, with Kyoshiro’s Soul in the cube for some QoL. Add Epi: Shroud, ManSal: Agility, Endless Walk, Zodiac, Taeguk.

Use your NDE, Guardian’s Path, Harmony if you’ve got singles or Resolve if you don’t, and Beacon.

Finally, with cubed RoRG, take Lefeb if you’re still concerned about windows of weakness or Mantle if you’re not.

Kills may take moment or two instead of coming on mere contact (non-HC version is absurdly smooth), and this is deliberate probable overkill by me as a non-HC player, but you should have no worries, ever. Trade out for damage bit by bit as you like.

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