Please make POJ 4set stay for 2 sec after you stop spinning

When you need to pickup DPs/loot/mats/etc or click pylons you instantly lose 50% damage reduction which is really dangerous on HC. I’ve triggered a few times due to this. It doesn’t feel good.

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Very likely to be added in the future (hopefully soon) since WW Barb had the same issue and they changed it for them.

Good to know. Lets hope it’s added soon

I’m not sure if anyone has experienced this before, but the freeze proc (from cyclone) for cesar moment appears to kick in much quicker on SWK than on PoJ. The cyclones are activated at the same time for both sets (since the effect is from WKL and have nothing to do with the sets). But, I notice that mobs get pulled in for PoJ, but then there’s like half a second before they get cc-ed and then the damage ramps up. I notice that SWK profs cesar a tiny bit quicker. Maybe it’s just me.