Please tell us the date

I know this may sound like a (short) rant, but it comes from the heart,

First of all: I would rather have a patch done right, than have it rushed. But

Blizz… please communicate with us when we can expect the new season. Give us (at the very least) the earliest date it will be released. If you delay it and give us the reason, there’s no reason to be dissapointed. Then we can see how hard you work on the game, that’s great.

I really want to make time for the ‘Diablo- weekend’, but I got work-stuff and private-stuff going on. And I’m sure many others got that too. I need to know when to make time for your awesome game a couple weeks in advance, so I can properly sit down and play it.

Been here since launch, still love the game. Just hoping you’ll talk with your playerbase more.


Another thread about this?


Don’t worry, there will be more. :stuck_out_tongue:

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