Please increase movement speed. Please support this topic


Just HARD CAP movement speed to 200% no dammn nerfs needed…


But movement speed is not the only thing that allows you to fly across the screen in the endgame.

You also have things like Leapquake Barb, Vault (on basically every DH, especially the UE MS DH), Dashing Strike on many monk builds, etc and these things are enabled by huge amounts of RCR, CDR and some specific items, so even if movement speed would be capped at 200%, you still had builds that fly across the screen.


There shouldn’t be any nerfs to any of the movement type skills, after all, it’s not like newly created characters are able to move at that speed. It’s only possible by building and/or equipping your character so.


Just to mention: leapquake is not really a fast build. Would be nice to have faster leaping. And in labirinth maps leap is quite slow. So speed increase with leapquake would be nice.


I am not suggesting nerfs to movement skills, I am suggesting that the things that enable them to be used almost without any limitations (aka massive amount of RCR, CDR and certain items) should be nerfed or even be removed, however, that is unlikely going to happen at that point.

I am aware of that, but still Leap is still used more frequently than it should be (in the MotE build) in a balanced game.

I personally would prefer if Leap had 2 charges on a base level and 3 with a rune (or maybe even 3 charges base), instead of MotE does with it.


Yeah and each time you vault you nerf your damage…

I honestly hate the flying from elite to elite gamestyle and I play UE Multidshot DH only. I prefer to kill almost all mobs that stand on my way.

As much as I hate nerfs I think there should be something done to promote GROUP play especially in parties, so everyone STICK together and not like right now that most players fly from elite to elite leaving others way behind just because they don’t use a movement speed build…

I think that there should be an extra damage buff for parties like extra 50% when you’re in 75 yard radius to other players and a -50% damage debuff for every 75 yards away from other players. Of course you would get no debuff if someone TPed to town, cause he’s inventory was full…

This way all players would have to stick together rather than one or two players flying through rifts with Flash speed leaving everyone else behind and not giving a damn about them…


Yeah, this late in the game, we won’t see any changes like that, at least not without most of the community going into a frenzy over it.


I enjoy moving fast, that is part of what makes a character feel strong.

Right, and why would we want it to be more realistic? The game has always been about gearing up and clearing fast. Moving faster is a big part of that.
In D2 I always stacked faster cast rate so I could teleport around quickly. My sorcs moved faster than my archon wizards with aether cubed, and I loved it.

Any wizard build that doesn’t involve Aether Walker gets a big no from me, mobility is king. I wish regular movement speed could get higher too for the feel.


I neither hate nor love nerfs, but I like what is necessary to bring balance (and build diversity) to the game.

The concept of this idea is interesting I have to say…

Most of the community would be pissed in short run, for sure and the overhaul would be too massive, so it is indeed unlikely to happen. D4 may have better balance.


No. While 200% doesn’t come up often, there’s no real need to cap it where it does occur.


First of all, that is a nerf to movement skills. Think harder please.

Plus, That is already in the game. There’s the early part of progression in which gains to movement speed and utility feel quite rewarding.

But more importantly, you can’t use maximum speed in your build without sacrificing other qualities. Max/very fast speeds are only possible and relevant at lower levels of difficulty. If you push, you eventually benefit less from movement speed and you often need to drop speed to deal damage or increase toughness etc.

Probably because your designs are dated and hopelessly particular to your fetishes.

According to your pet theory on balance. You seem fairly ignorant of mid-end game mechanics for how sure you are. Eye-em-oh.

Cool story. Don’t play MotE then.


I donno how that would work. Besides movement speed abilities there are tons of movement speed increasing items out there. What you’re asking here is free movement speed without giving any kind of trade-off from damage or endurance. I doubt this gonna happen.

Even paragon movement speed bonus, don’t stack with gear affixes for you to compensate it from gear instead when you had the choice and add the excess 50 stat to your main stat of choice.
This is the core mechanic of the game, each time you have to give away a trait for pushing another characteristic forward. They ain’t gonna give you more movement speed where they encourage skipping elite packs and go deep into the 5th 6th level of a Greater Rift. Neither they will like speedfarming builds having the same speed with pushing builds and ignoring movement speed items because they’re not mandatory, nor needed.


I would say that condemn is a poor choice for max speed. In my opinion, Invoker+NF is far superior for max speed. I’ve had a sub 1-min Grift with Invoker, although I never got past 1:30 average. Bombard and Steed Charge run nonstop. Stack movement speed. You melt screens as fast as you can run through them.

Steed charge, with its ability to do damage as you move, is easily one of the strongest max speed skills. It sounds like you are just using it wrong. Dunno.

As you push, you should expect to drop speed for damage and other effects. There’s a point where condemn becomes the faster build again. More or less. IMO, movement speed is well balanced by both opportunity cost and varied utility across difficulty levels.


This is intriguing… Which GR tier and is it solo?


All I’d like is for 25% to become the default. It feels like are moving under water lower than that.


Wow. I am speechless from arguments of people who against my request.
Some saying that characters already moving with insane speed ? That it’s on limits of reflexes?
Just don’t use any skills or items to boost it. You can do it. But not all builds can be as fast as some people wish.
Some saying play different character ? I don’t know about you, but I wanna play only builds that I enjoy. I understand it’s takes lots of resources for developers to make all builds equal in power but it’s super easy to us be fast in any build.
Point is, if you don’t like to move fast - don’t use any skills or items for that. If you enjoy playing all builds and all characters- great, have fun. But PLEASE let people who like only handful of builds and like moving fast in this game to do so.
My request not gonna make game more laggy, no more hardware demanding. It’s just gonna make people who wants it happy and not gonna hurt at all anyone who don’t want it, because they can just not put points into more MS
Don’t be a… Why don’t let people have fun if it doesn’t hurt you ???


Browse my crusader name zakar. Ak condemn for t16. Beats most inexperienced +400 ms ms dh.

Gears not so hard to obtain. All u need is MSR for t16

Regards to topic, no we have enough toys to boost speed past ideal game play. I only pick up db and items such as stone gauntlet up. Items like star of az/many others are left on the ground because we move so fricken fast.

All classes have lightning speed builds for t16/speed gr. Do more research.


And the consensus is: we move fast enough already.


It appears that some people want to move across the entire zone in 1 second, instead of 3 seconds.


An increase in monster density would obviate the need for higher pedal velocity.

Many times do I see my bonuses simply expire when all I am doing is moving towards the fog to uncover a vast area of nothingness. Therein however should, instead of nothing, be uncovered a great many monsters.