Please increase movement speed. Please support this topic


Regular player here. Playing for years but never on top level. Enjoying and loving this game so much.
I understand there are many things players would like to get improved here but I also understand that developers resources are limited.
Can we PLEASE get movement speed increased ? Basic speed or from paragon.
Everyone would enjoy it and it would make game so much more pleasing with minimum amount of work for developers
Please support this idea


Don’t most already fly across the screen with 3 clicks. Movement is getting out of hand. In D4, I would like for them to slow down the pace and make things more realistic, the game should not be about how fast you can move. I would also like for them to tone down the crazy numbers as well.


Yeah, I’m with Avalon. There is too much focus on flying through content as fast as you possibly can already. The last thing we need is to shift into yet higher gear.


You can already hit 400% or more movement speed in the game as is. The developers don’t actually need to do anything at all to accommodate your desire.

This is in addition to movement skills that have even greater implications for MS.

In my experience, a well made speed build already moves at the limits of human reaction times. It already moves at the limits of meaningful game play choices. Do we need more than that?

To the other slow pokes in this thread, MS has its costs. MS isn’t nearly as relevant in higher GRs. Start pushing and you will find the game moves much slower. Start pushing and you will find the tactical granularity of movement quickly returns to the scale of meters instead of dozens of meters.


General Buffs

  • Speed Pylon
  • Fleeting Shrines

Public Items:

  • Krelm Belt
  • Warzechian Bracers
  • Boon of the Hoarder
  • Wreath of Lightning
  • Echoing Fury

Teleportation Skills:

  • Furious Charge
  • Steed Charge
  • Dashing Strike
  • Vault
  • Spirit Walk
  • Teleport
  • Blood Rush


  • Fueled by Death
  • Pound of Flesh
  • Tactical Advantage
  • Hot Pursuit
  • Fleet Footed
  • Fiere Loyalty

Movement Speed Skills

  • Sprint
  • Ignore Pain: Bravado
  • Laws of Hope: Wings of an Angel
  • Wrath of the Berserker
  • Storm Armor: Scramble
  • Battle Rage: Ferocity
  • Mantra of Conviction: Annihilation
  • Dashing Strike: Way of the Falling Star


Do I need to keep going?


^^ No, that pretty much covers it. I don’t know why anyone would want additional movement speed in this game, because the speed at which most characters can travel is already ridiculous.

I do not believe there should be additional movement speed available, and I do not support OP’s topic.


Just curious if you are able to elaborate why current MS is “ridiculous” as in, worthy of ridicule.

It’s a word that gets thrown around a lot like “insane” but it doesn’t usually get backed up by anything more than an appeal to intuition. Obviously movement speed is ridiculous, right?

But why specifically?


Makes me wonder how many sever stability issues would/could crop up from skills at 500 to 1000 miles per hour. Might be harder than you think.


I play a lot of ARPG’s, and I can’t think of any off hand where you can get around faster than D3. Marvel Heroes maybe, but thats been dead for almost two years.

single tear runs down cheek


I know precisely why. Because they don’t like the base movement speed. If they didn’t have to use a skill, a piece of gear or something to add to the base speed to free up for more damage or toughness it leads them to think the base speed should be higher.

That and the startup grind each season when you are walking to kill stuff! lol OH the horror of it all, when the first few levels feel like you are wearing turtles, I mean OMG shoot me now right?

So silly.

Game on.


Well, we haven’t quite hit ludicrous speed yet which I am sure is greater than ridiculous speed.


Yes, there are ways to make get some insane movement speed. I never said it’s impossible but it’s not always practical.
I am playing mostly crusader. You can run pony. But it’s horrible. Don’t even compare it dashing strike or at least vault. If you play condemn, you have to stop spamming it in order run pony but than you do no damage for 3 seconds every time to press pony. Does it’s fun ? No. Wings of Angel ? Have you tried to get gear so perfect, that would give you enough cdr for permanent AC plus enough rcr to skeep Unstoppable Force. It’s almost impossible if you don’t play every day for hours.
Thorns build uses Unstoppable Force, Comdemn,even Roland Sweeper need it for bosses with no adds. Even Lod build uses it’s Low. Just different rune. Not Wings of Angel
And again, pony is horrible.


I do not support this idea.

I am not asking to make max speed at 1000. Keep it 400. Let us get 100 from paragon. Does it’s asking much ?  I think no. 
If you play character or build that gives you enough freedom with movement, good for you. 

Don’t put paragon points in MS. But if you need MS, than you can do it. Would it hurt anyone? No. Would it make lags ? No. Just 100 MS from paragon. It’s not much.
Players asking for auto pick up resources, new sets etc. it’s takes time and money. But MS from paragon is already in game. All it takes is to move limit from 25 to 100. It’s easy. Don’t put points there if you don’t need it, but give this opportunity to those who would enjoy it


I support enhancing the base MS - basically just squeezing the base towards the natural +MS cap without cascading that into the other buffs and skills.

Whenever I start a season I feel like I’m moving around in molasses, it’s just painful. They could bump the base MS by half and cut the max +MS% bonus in half and season starts would be a lot less annoying without having any impact on end-game speed running.

The really (s)low default unbuffed base MS is just a QoL annoyance at this point.


I have a great idea how you play to push GR. Most of the time, you wanna get some solid amount of monster around you. But if you walk slow it takes ages to group monsters with some builds.
Take a look at leaderboard. Does Condemn Crus fly all over the screen ? Or maybe BS crus does it. I hate playing Invoker because I have to pony to find elits. If I could use dashing strike there would be no questions. But I cannot.
Do you really enjoy to walk from your chest to obelisk at 25 MS ? Does it at your reflexes limits ?
For some reason I think you would like it more to not move like a turtle


Play a different class if you have this much concerns over crusader movement speed. There is NO way 100% base MS (from paragon) would be okay.

I can’t even fit in tactical advantage in my GR push build which is 60% for 2 seconds after a vault… and you want to give EVERY class 100% from paragon? Nooooo way.

There was just a thread about a guy complaining that invoker fishing for elites sometimes he hits the end of the GR and there aren’t any more levels left. Obviously there is isn’t a movement speed issue if he is constantly hitting the end of the rift.


If you’re pushing high content GR100+ where you need Unstoppable Force, then you don’t really need movement speed bonuses.

Lower your difficulty. Equip Warzechian and Wreath and Boon w/Avarice (if regular rifts) and run with Wings of an Angel.


Just hard cap movement speed at 200% and by hard cap I mean using items or skills that increase your movement speed which exceed the current max 25% cap…

Change current max 25% movement speed to 50% at least (could be done by changing paragon cap from 25 to 50%).

Change the act1-5 under 1h conquest to under 2h and the T10 under 2 minutes to under 3 or 4.

Of course some items and skills should also be redesigned to match the dammn annoying necro speed boots or WD chicken so you can actually keep up without using specific movement speed skills, items or gems in your builds…

But knowing Blizz nothing of that will ever happen, cause that would require too much work…


In general I would favor an increased base movement speed and the removal of the movement speed cap, but in addition to that, there had to be other changes (nerfs in this case) to the things that allow you to basically fly across the screen in the endgame, like the massive amounts of RCR and CDR that allow you to basically infinitely use your movement skills (Vault, Leap, etc) on some builds, etc, but that is unlikely going to happen at this stage of the game.