Please end s26 please

:woman_shrugging: :maple_leaf:


Ethereals + Soulshards would be epic, doubt it would happen… one can hope :beer:


teal beams gone too soon… rest in power.


100% agree,we need not a new SS buff,we need a very strong SS buff and S26 end now.PS:plz buff invoker and FoTH,Cru is so weak in the last patch,it needs be popular again.

I personally very much enjoy the testing part and would be disappointed if they didn’t have a PTR. I agree it needs to be soon, but there also must be testing. They already have a plan for something new and that will need to be tested. They will not be re-running an older season, we know that much already.

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PTR is my seasonal 2 week. I’d be lost without it.


Indeed. It’s like a kid being locked overnight in a candy store. You get massively rewarded for almost everything and get to play with all the shiny new stuff while theory crafting on what you plan to do during the upcoming season.

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Im having a great time this season. Hopefully i can make top 20 in 3 or 4 class leaderboards.

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I, too, enjoy relatively less populated online games. GL on the race!

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But you do not play. So why does this matter?


I opted not to do seasons this time around and focus on my Barbs in non-season. What’s wrong with season 26? I noticed it’s only been out for about a week? Is it really that bad? I thinking of jumping in to get more stash space. I am hoarding too much junk for my Barbs atm.

It’s been out more than 2 months now :slight_smile:

Didn’t you quit? Why do you even care how long S26 lasts or what S27 might be?


They probably should, actually. Otherwise they’re going to start running into ladders in D2 and D3 starting too close to each other.

The game itself is better without the overpowered stuff. I prefer the whole patch to be focused on new changes that improve the game as a whole (upgraded items / gems, new items, set redos, paragon reworks, follower enhancements, skill rune updates, new item affixes, new loot types like primal/ethereal, redo ubers, redo torment levels).

Throwing in a season theme perk that cranks up player power by up to 5GRs is totally acceptable, but it should not take over the whole patch. Mini buffs that kinda recycles existing effects are fine:

  • Killing 50 Enemies or an Elite grants a Nephalem Massacre bonus that increases damage by 50% over the next 20 seconds. This Massacre bonus is extended by 20 seconds if you already have a Massacre bonus. Each stack of Nephalem Glory will increase this bonus by 30%. (obviously allow this to work in greater rifts).
  • Free Flavor of Time bonus, equipping an Immunity Amulet on your Follower now increases your elemental resistance and elemental damage by 75% according to the amulet worn.
  • Triggering a Pylon instantly delays your Greater Rift progress by 10%, but increases your damage dealt by 100% and damage reduction by 50% for 60 seconds.
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Same here… I had so much fun this season I completed it on all 3 servers (NA, EU, Asia) and now I’m trying out builds I rarely play. It’s quite fun being able to slap half a dozen Rank 125 augments on gear and take a build 5-10 or more GR’s further than you’ve ever gone.

Nice suggestion.SS should attract non-SS 20k para players back to SS,so I think SS must improve 12GR,even soulshards SS may improve 7GR,I hope S27 more improvement than S25.

Nothing, really. It might be on the lackluster side of seasons, but the theme was popular enough to warrant it being made permanent. OP is just a known forum troll who likes to spew garbage from time to time, and this topic was merely a low quality bait because while the season 26 theme is okish, the last two ones were more popular for all the power creep they introduced with their themes.

I suspect they had always planned on making it permanent but decided they wanted to test it in a season first to be sure. On it’s own it is a great permanent addition. But stand alone as a season theme it was a huge disappointment for many.

Fortunately the rumor is that S27 should be the best we have had yet, so here’s hoping the rumor is true.

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literally my point.

i dont play so it matters.