Petrified Screams

The drop rate seems to have gone to zero, not one in the last 3 days despite dozens of 90+ GR’s. It’s made worse because it’s very difficult to get groups, I guess because most people have finished the season and are playing other games, so instead of 4 gems per PS it’s only 1.
If Blizz are lsitening, can we have a boost to the drop rate please?


Petrified screams have a 5% drop rate and only drop from Greater Rift Guardians.

You may think… Oh, well that means that I should get one every 20 greater rifts… Not true with a finite number of tries.

1-((1-.05)^20)=.641514077…, or 64.15% chance to get one petrified scream with 20 greater rifts.

Or, I should get one guaranteed in 40 greater rifts, right? Still not true with a finite number of tries.

1-((1-.05)^40)=.871487, or 87.15% chance for one petrified scream with 40 greater rifts.

Take 100% - the calculated chance for dropping 1 in x runs, and the remaining percentage encompasses the chances of:
1: Not dropping a petrified scream at all, which becomes lower of a chance with more runs.
2: Dropping a petrified scream every run, which quickly becomes nearer to impossible with more runs.
3: Every possibility in between except dropping just one, which the permutation possibilities and the chance grows with more runs.

It averages out to 1:20 when the number of tries = infinity, otherwise there will be deviations on either side of the ratio.

So the question is… Do you feel lucky?



I got one this afternoon :grin: Thing is, we don’t need screams in season (which you play in EU region). Upgraded soul shards take the place of atonements.


Not really, no. :angry: 20 characters

This is the one of the reasons we aren’t seeing a lot of EN rotation groups this season. A lot of people do not want to spend the time finding a 4 man group and running one when they have a ton of 125’s at hand. The big difference is, you can upgrade the Atonements past 125 where you cant with shards.

Fun fact: I totally forget about using them as 125 augments and salvaged about 20 of them before it was brought to my attention they could be used as augments :frowning: .


Bummer dude.

For a while I had only one petrified scream dropped (used for altar) so I was kinda funneled towards using the soul shards as augments especially when Fissures drop so many embers.

Though, I was lucky to get roped into 10 ENs in week 2 of the season for a bunch of whispers… handy when doing GR140+ speeds and I need to upgrade something. All my dps gems are still rather low in rank so a waste to upgrade them. Haven’t done another EN since week 2.


Haven’t felt the need for Screams what with all the Shards and shard Hellforge Embers I’m finding, more than I can possibly use to socket items. I have about 20 Screams, though.

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Same here. I can’t even remember how many I have because other than doing the first one for the altar I don’t pay attention to them for now. Will care later when I can start leveling the whispers past 125 but by that time I will have enough to augment the two builds I am planning on pushing with.

I am quite happy about this though. EN’s get super boring to me so it is nice to not have to do them. I remember the one time I wanted to do something like 8 at once to get augments for a build and it felt like such a chore after like 4 of them.


I got a stack of 95, and I have used around 15 of them for augments… at para 2200ish SSF mode, they drop often for me.

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I’d forgotten that you can use the shards for augments, so tx for that. I have a whole tab full of them so that should last awhile… :grinning:


Some information for those who may not know:

Using Shards for Augments

Shard Rank Augment
0 50
1 75
2 100
3 125

You need at least 2 to complete the season journey and the altar. It took me until P800+ to get that many.


I know. And the scream drop rate is probably low because of the ember drops. I just took it for granted that Scourge was way past the Altar threshold.


You only need 2 of them for the Altar. You can use any shard use augment at 50 for a the season journey. Plus it only took me about 9 hrs to finish the Altar and below 650 on paragon too.

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You also need to complete an Echoing Nightmare for the season journey. Granted, you could tag along to somebody else’s EN. But I couldn’t find anybody offering. Not until after I’d already done it on my own anyway

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i seemed to get more of them from <70 Gr’s. i bet it has something to do with consumables, shards, and legendaries.

How’s the tin foil hat going?

Why would the self proclaimed GOAT be running sub 70 GR’s?

look how mad this guy is, coming outta nowhere trying to cyber bully me.

because we level up and start to gear up at the beginning of the season, genious. now while running high gr’s i dont get as many as often as i did running sub 70 GR’s.

you’re so mad at me every day you cant even think straight.

When I want mats to gamble with or want screams I do this:

For a week I run rifts and gr’s four to six hours a day for a week.

At the end of that week I have quite a large amount of mats to play with.

And as far as petfrifed screams go you only need 13 per hero.

Looking at your profile I can see why you don’t have many pet. screams.

His main region is EU:

Also 125 augments can come from upgraded souls shards.

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