Patch 2.7.6 wish list

We should focus on adjusting balance on Patch 2.7.6,The theme of S29 is not as important.There are quite a few suggestions, all of which are conclusions drawn from extensive practice. Devs,plz be patient and read them through. Thank you very much.
1.The Rune of Bone Spear:
Crystalization (Cold)
Each enemy hit has their attack speed reduced by 20% and your attack speed is increased by 3% for 3 seconds stacking up to 15 times.
My Note:Blighted Marrow not only performs far better than other Rune for rank, but is also the best choice for fast clear GR,it really break the balance of Bone Spear Runes. I hope to buff Crystalization Rune a little so that players have more choices for Bone Spear Rune to fast clear GR.
Another option is to buff the Masquerade Set 6P 9000%→12000%. The Masquerade is much weaker than Trag’oul Nova.In addition, Bone Spear is afraid of Sand Dweller and Dune Dervish, and is powerless when encountering Missile Dampening,while Trag’oul does not have these troubles.Times have changed, restoring the bone spear to 9000% is not enough, but 12000% is perhaps more reasonable.
2.Invoker: 6P bounus 67500%→97500%.
My Note:In Patch 2.7.5, the melee attack of H90’s buff is very exciting for players. We hope Devs continue to slightly buff others melee attack gameplay in 2.7.6, making it more competitive, as Shadow and Invoker are already forgotten due to their weakness.
3.Bless Shield:Crusader -- Last Minute Request for Blessed Shield
My Note:As various Sets continue to be buffed, I hope that the LOD can also be strengthened, such as the Blessing Shield and poision Dart of WD. dmkt’s idea is good, but I hope to add an upper limit to Akkhan’s layer of pity, such as:
Each enemy hit by your Blessed Shield increases the damage of your Blessed Shield by 400~500% for 3 seconds,Can only stack up to 50 times.
The stack’s limit can prevent it to be a push role in party play.
4.Adding a bracer for Fist of The Heaven:FoTH also Slows enemies by 80% for 5 seconds and deals 100% increased damage.
My Note:Since Norvald was nerfed (400%→200%), the sound of compensating the Fist of The Heaven has not stopped. A large number of players hope that the stength of the FoTH can return to the strength before the Norvald was nerfed.Devs,plz make it happen,plz.
Demon Hunter:
5.Shadow’s Mantle 2P Bounus: 6000%→8000%
My Note:As I mentioned above, melee attack should be slightly buff.
6.Natalya’s Vengeance:6P Bounus,deal 25%→30% more damage than the previous blast.
My Note:The New Natalya’s operation is more complex than the Predator, but the strength is similar. Although the New Natalya was highly controversial when it was first launched in Patch 2.7.5, a few months later most players said it was a great new set, and the only drawback is that the strength still needs to be slightly buff.
7.Mempo of Twilight:400%→200%
My Note:I know that Devs have received a huge number of feedbacks from Tal-Rasha that is too powerful. I hope it will remain the No.1 strength of all roles after being nerfed and still stronger than the Trag’oul, so my positioning for it,is a 3 tiers nerf.
8.Inna 6 P bouns:900%→1500%
My Note:Since Inna’s 6-piece set was nerfed to 900%,although the Bindings of the lesser gods compensated the triple bounus of the Fire Ally in PTR 2.7.4 phase 2,there has still been constant complained about Inna’s strength. In fact, I have indeed Inna set nerfed too much. Currently, Wave of Light is significantly stronger than Inna in the Ladder of non-season. I hope WoL is only slightly stronger than Inna, which is more balanced,so Inna’s 6 p bounus should buff to 1500%.
9.Carnevil:The 15 Fetishes closest to you will shoot a powerful Poison Dart every time you do.
My Note:LOD Poison Dart is good at fast clear GR,but the damage it causes is not still ideal.Aughild zunimassa’s plague is the most fragile set in D3,it should be able to pass 150GR at 20k, but I have never seen such a result in non-season.So I think LOD and set Poison Dart needs buff indeed.
Although the LOD position darts has been strengthened in the past, it is still too weak. In fact, it would buff 5 tiers,if it is still not buff, the effect of the item ‘legacy of nightmares’ will be still useless.
Finally, buff the Jade Harvest set and Shield Bash of Roland set are both highly sought after by players. I remember when the Nec first released in July 2017, the Inarius Grim Scythe gameplay, combined with the MIRINAE Legendary Gem, was the strongest gameplay. I hope Inarius will become an exclusive set for the Grim Scythe gameplay, and the LEGER’S DISDAIN needs to be modified:Grim Scythe deals an additional 300~400% damage for each point of essence it restores,Increase essence damage by up to 120 essence.My note:The Grim Scythe gameplay has always had a poor solo GR experience due to issues with the LEGER’S DISDAIN setting. I propose increased its basic damage(300%~400%)and add the maximum of 10 enemies(Up to 3000-4000%), which helps improve the single player gaming experience.

I will throw in my petition request for the skill Plague of Toads. This skill could be quite viable in a LoD setup and I would propose doing this by making Rhenho Flayer a Plague of Toads damage modifier by 6-9 times (or whatever number) similar to the Zombie Charge Scrimshaw legendary. And then as well, add a +100-200% Plague of Toads damage modifier to spawn on the Thing of the Deep offhand. Don’t remove the 20 yard radius power or anything though. Just incorporate a plague of toads buff to the item (it makes sense too).

I really would like this because the Plague of Toads rune and Rhenho Flayer and Thing of the Deep offhand can make some really fun gameplay and cool visuals when paired with things like Grave Injustice and Swampland Attunement passives, Locus Swarm Pestilence, Wormwood and Ring of Emptiness in cube, as well as Grin Reaper to auto-cast your other skills like Mass Hallucination and Pirahnas, and plenty of flexibility in LoD itemization, of course Depth Diggers, Aquila Cuirass, Stone Gauntlets, etc. But it could be a bonafide plague of toads build (which I am already using, it just isn’t really where it could/should be because it needs a couple buffs like I’m proposing).

Hope this can make it in, thanks!

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